2021 Gift Guide for Kids and Teens

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I’ve got three gift guides for you in today’s post. This is the 2021 Gift Guide for Kids and Teens. Something for every single age group. I feel like the toys have become so much more cute since mine were itty bitty! Anyway, there is still a lot out there that you can pick up and have arrive before the big day. Hope this helps you out with your list!

Some affiliate links are used at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog! For more information, visit my Disclosure.

Gift Guide for Little Kids

2021 Gift Guide for Babies and Kids
  1. Plush canoe $279 – I can’t get over how cute this is!! Playing boat just got A LOT more fun. Even looks like it would be comfy for lounging and watching a movie.
  2. Hide and Find Box $24.99 – Simple but darling toy that will keep the little ones happy for a long time.
  3. Star Teether $15.99 – Perfect addition to baby’s stocking. Comes in more soft muted colors in addition to the blush.
  4. Stacker $15.99 – So in love with the muted colors for this classic stacking toy.
  5. Vet Playset $30.00 – The cone collar is what sold me! Any stuffed animal can be well cared for with this cute playset.
  6. Workbench $139.00 – Lots of tinkering at this workbench to get them honing their DIY skills early!
  7. Hair Dresser Set $30.00 – Loving all of these wood playlets because they’ll last so long! And probably won’t pull your hair out like the tiny plastic ones. I guess that just depends on how aggressive your little hairdresser is, ha!
  8. Train Set $70.99 $60.34 – The most played with toy my son ever had was his wooden train set. You will never regret this purchase.
  9. Play Gym $140.99 – A play gym that changes and grows with them. Psst… it turns into a tent!
  10. Bedtime Book $7.92 – I adore Nancy Tillman books. Always leaves me with misty eyes and the illustrations are beautiful.
  11. Balancing Rocks $32.99 – What a fun spin on wooden stacking blocks!
  12. Play Mat $90.00 – Water resistant play mat that is easy on the eyes and gives them somewhere to drive their play cars.
  13. Cleaning Set $55.99 $33.40 – A little cleaning set of their very own so they can help out! Or, just pretend to.
  14. Castle Playhouse $31.99 – Cardboard castle that is complete blank just waiting for them to make it their own.

Gift Guide for Big Kids

2021 Gift Guide for Kids and Teens
  1. Moon Lamp $20.99 – My kids are so into this lamp every time they see it in a toy catalog. This one is touch controlled.
  2. RC Shark $35.98 – Remote controlled shark that would be fun in the tub or at the pool!
  3. Telescope $99.99 – We bought this telescope for Sam for his birthday last year and have had a blast with it! A perfect telescope fo, and we were even able to see the rings of Saturn during the Great Conjuntion right before Christmas last year.
  4. Socks for Him $19.50 $9.50 – Cute pack of monster socks to add to his Christmas stocking.
  5. Socks for Her $19.50 $12.50 – Darling pack of socks for her Christmas stocking.
  6. Glowing Stars $10.99 $9.99 – Every kid’s rooms needs stars on the ceiling. Period.
  7. Dog Man books $16.89 – Sam started reading these books in 2nd grade and still cannot get enough of them. They are a favorite at his school.
  8. LED Soccer Ball $26.99 – Daylight Savings Time may have taken away our sunshine, but the game can still go on with this LED soccer ball!
  9. Adidas Hoodie $45.00 – Every morning I hear, “Is it cold enough for me to wear my hoodie?!!” Boys love hoodies and mine always wants more.
  10. Microphone $25.99 – This karaoke microphone can connect by Bluetooth to your phone to play songs making for lots of fun and laughs.
  11. Blue-light Glasses $14.50 $5.50 – Kids are spending more and more time on screens whether we like it or not. Protect their eyes and toss these in their stockings.
  12. Sherpa Pullover $74.50 $44.50 – Super cute and cozy, and also comes in a beautiful green color.
  13. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza $9.99 – A simple game that anyone can play. We got this for the kids last Christmas and have had lots of fun with it.
  14. Drawing Book $10.99 – A how to draw book that will give them new ideas or refine their already awesome skills.
  15. Gel Pens $14.99 – Everything is better in glitter or pretty gel colors. A great compliment to the drawing book above.
  16. Emily Windsnap Books $39.99 $19.36 – Izzy was in 4th grade when she was really into these books. She loved them so much that she read every book in the series.
  17. Kiwi Co crates $varies – Have you heard of KiwiCo? They have amazing project crates for ages 0-104 that are delivered to your door. Gift a single box or do a monthly subscription. Sam does the Eureka crate with science and engineering projects and LOVES it.
  18. Throw Throw Burrito $24.99 – Dodgeball meets card game. This will have to be coming home this Christmas.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens

  1. Turntable $89.95 – This retro looking turntable is portable and can also can be connected via Bluetooth to their phone to stream music through the speakers.
  2. Apple AirTag $29.00 – Teenagers misplace everything. Help them find their stuff with the AirTag through the Find My app.
  3. Friendship Bracelets $26.00 – Cute worn together or she can give the other one to her BFF.
  4. Longboard $64.99 – I’ve been seeing kids all over the neighborhood with longboards lately. Apparently the coolest new way to ride.
  5. Phone Photo Printer $99.99 – The same price as a popular phone photo printer, but the photo paper is much cheaper. Picked this up for Izzy this year.
  6. Lip Gloss $14.00 – Clear lip gloss with a super glassy shine.
  7. Speaker $49.50 – This portable Bluetooth speaker has a handy clip and is also waterproof.
  8. Hydroflask $35.72 – Everyone’s favorite water bottle with a straw cap.
  9. VR Headset $293.60 – But really a gift for the entire family! So much fun!!
  10. Ring Light tripod $29.99 – I know, I know. But they will flip out when they see this.
  11. Heart Earrings $65.00 – Dainty heart earrings she will have forever.
  12. Over the Door Basketball Hoop $29.99 – Not just teenagers, but kids of all ages. Sam has one and plays it every night before bed.
  13. Phone Mount $20.99 – Use it to create videos or mount it to a headboard or nightstand for hands free movie watching.
  14. Facial Cleaning Brush $98.00 $48.00 – Get them started with a great cleansing brush early. I love this one!
  15. Hoodie Blanket $39.99 – Seriously so stinking cozy for lounging around the house.


  1. Cassie Bustamante Avatar

    Love all of these ideas- Wilder would love that playmat!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I just adore the muted colors in it and the cute city background! So wish this would have been around when Sam was tiny.

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