Affordable Faux Black Olive Trees

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There’s a new “it” tree in the decor world. It goes by a few names; Black Olive, Shady Lady or Bucida Buceras. This unique tree is characterized by a thin trunk and airy layers of tiny leaves. It has my heart. But, the real versions are expensive, and the location I want to place it in doesn’t receive enough natural light. So I went on a hunt for a faux version that wouldn’t break the bank. I found a couple of affordable faux black olive trees I’m testing out in our living room and need your help!

Black Olive Tree Inspiration

Look at these beauties!! Also take note of the incredible limestone planters they are sitting in. To give you an example of the price this look is going for, image No. 3 is $5,400 for the limestone pot and tree. Yeah. That’s not in the realm of possibilities for me. I’ve got a project in the works for the limestone planter so keep an eye out of that soon!

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Affordable Black Olive Trees

These are the two I ordered in to try out. While they don’t look exactly like the real deal (the leaves are much larger) I’m hoping they will give me a similar vibe.

affordable faux black olive trees

Option 1

faux black olive tree indoor

This tree is 7′ tall and has an airy appearance. The base is very well weighted on this one. The leaves have some variation in green giving it a more lifelike appearance. I like that this tree has a single slim trunk, most similar to a real black olive tree. This tree is currently priced at $79.99 which I think is an incredible price.

For these photos I didn’t add moss to the top of the pot just so you can see how the top looks. Whichever tree I keep will have moss. Just wanted to throw that out incase anyone was wondering why I left it that way. I have also propped each tree up on a box inside my pot for added height.

faux black olive tree
faux shady lady tree

Option 2

faux shady lady tree

This version is 6.5′ tall and has more concentrated foliage. The leaves on this tree also have a variation in green colors. I like that the trunks are from a real plant, but I would have preferred a single trunk as it would more closely resemble the real version. The base is not as weighted as the first tree. This tree is currently priced at $167.99.

faux shady lady tree, faux black olive tree
faux black olive tree


Ok, which tree do you like best in our living room? Option 1 or 2?

More Faux Black Olive Trees to Consider

I’ve gathered up a few more options to consider in a range of prices ($79.99-$650.00). A few are not called Black Olive but they have a similar feel.

faux black olive tree round up

Sources: one (option 1) | two | three | four | five | six (option 2)

Ok, which one of the two do you like best in my living room?


  1. Jessica Avatar

    I pick option two looks unique!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      It has a great shape to it!

  2. Sandi Mueller Avatar
    Sandi Mueller

    Option one!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      It’s such a pretty option!

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