bamboo roman shades

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Well we finally have a lot more privacy over at our house now.  Bamboo roman shades are up, and looking pretty darn awesome!

Before we had the bamboo blinds up it was not only exhibitionist central, but the windows looked SO blah.  Here’s the living room before.
The blinds add so much interest, texture, and gives it a much warmer feel against all the white.
Same deal going on in the breakfast nook.  Before.

So pretty, right?!
Brand & Color – We needed custom made blinds to fit our windows, so we went with Budget Woven Wood Shades in Antigua Natural.  I can honestly say I am beyond thrilled.  The color is EXACTLY what I was after, and the fit is perfection.  We went with an inside mount on all of the windows but one of the bedroom windows.  The one window had an arch so we did an outside mount, installing it above the arch.
We had our bamboo shades made with a light filtering privacy liners in the main living areas and blackout liners in the bedrooms.  Hello sweet, sweet sleep.  The blinds below have the light filtering privacy liners.
Quality – I’ll tell you I was slightly concerned with how the quality was going to be when I ordered since I went with a “budget” shade.  The price was much lower than other prices I found through special orders at the home improvement store and other online stores; so I figured quality might be lacking.  NOT AT ALL THE CASE.  I honestly let out a sigh of relief when I opened the packaging and checked them out.  “Thank you, Lord!”  They are very well made, and look and work significantly better than the blinds I bought off the shelf for a previous home.
Installation – A breeze.  Easily a one person job.  Even with a 5 year old and 15 month old running around your ankles.  And I LOVE that each of the blinds comes labeled with the room you’re using them in.  Talk about a time saver!
 If you’re looking for woven wood blinds for your home, definitely check out  It makes such a difference having shades made to your window’s exact measurements.  Before I found them I was seriously considering going with off the shelf shades that would have been a foot too short in our bedroom because I didn’t think I could find the style and color I wanted in my price range.  I’m guessing our neighbors would be thrilled to know I didn’t go that route! 

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Are you guys fans of bamboo shades?  Do you have them in your homes?  After having them I don’t think I could ever go back to slated wood blinds.  At least not unless I have someone to come in and dust them for me every two days 😉


UPDATED 7/13/14

Some had asked about how the arched window in Sam’s room looked with an outside mount.  Here ya go!

You really can’t tell it’s an outside mount until you pull the curtains away.

Here you can see the arch of the window.  I mounted the blinds about 3 inches from the top of the arch.


Disclosure: I did receive product at a discounted price; however, all opinions are completely my own.   

LIVING ROOM SOURCES:  sofa // coffee table (similar here and here) // rug (no longer avail – similar here and here) // bamboo blinds // white drapes // DIY lacquer tray // black and white striped throw // black and white lumbar pillow // monogram pillow – made by myself (similar here and here) // zebra pillow – made by myself
KITCHEN NOOK SOURCES:  chandelier // DIY bleached wood table // chairs // DIY floor mirror // bamboo blinds // white drapes // basket // rug 


  1. Lisa @ Shine Your Light Avatar

    The shades look great Shelley – they add so much warmth and texture to your rooms. How fun to decorate your new home, it's gorgeous!!

  2. Aja Avatar

    They look great! I need to hang some, so thanks for the tip. Can't wait to see the rest of your house!

  3. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    love them! we have got to get these in our bedroom and have been slooooow to do it.

  4. Mindy Avatar

    Awesome possum. They make the room, don't they?
    I will never forget the day we got blinds like that for our living and dining room. I had the cheap white roller shades that I put up when I first moved in, and they were literally torn up. And disgustingly filthy. And gross. And ghetto. And I HATED them. We used our first big tax refund to get the new ones and I cried. lol I picked out off the shelf ones from Home Depot, but because we have an old house and none of the windows are "standard", we ended up cutting them down with a Skill saw to get the widths we needed. We've had them for years now and I still love, love, love them every day.
    BTW, I'm obsessing over your eating nook, which is bigger than my dining room, thankyouverymuch. That mirror. And that plant in the basket. Obsessed.

  5. pam {simple details} Avatar

    They look awesome! I ordered mine from them and couldn't be happier, I know exactly what you mean about breathing a sigh of relief! 🙂

  6. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Avatar

    They look wonderful! I love the texture they add!

  7. Talitha Richardson Avatar

    The look fantastic, it takes the edge of the light that filters in.

  8. Amy Avatar

    I would have never thought about this. This may just work for my kitchen and family room.

  9. Lori B Avatar

    How do they look from the outside? Is love to put them up but my husband is worried how they will look from the street.

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hey Lori! I think ours look great from the street! It helps that all of our street facing windows have the same liners, which makes the look consistent from the street. Our street facing windows are mostly bedrooms so they have the white blackout liner. The other room was an office, and we went with the white blackout liners just to keep the look the same. If some had liners and other didn't then it probably would drive your husband nuts 🙂 Hope this helps!

  10. Lori B Avatar

    Thank you! That is great information to help get him on board with them.

  11. Greg Arnett Avatar

    “The blinds add so much interest, texture, and gives it a much warmer feel against all the white.” – I totally agree! Those bamboo shades gave contrast to the white curtains and walls. Great job in choosing those shutters, Shelley! Enjoy the new shutters! 🙂

    Greg Arnett

  12. sadhana mondal Avatar

    Excellent post. I really enjoy visiting your article. Thanks for sharing. If you are interested, you can also visit at

  13. Jon Snow Avatar

    I love those bamboo shades! I think they compliment the feel of the room’s overall design and has a very organic effect as well. I think that is a lovely choice for the blinds, as they are not too sterile-looking like white blinds, yet they're not too out of place with their brown color either. Kudos! 🙂

    Jon Snow @ Allure Window Treatments

  14. maggie nestlerode Avatar

    I love how these look and I am trying to "copy" this same look in my new house. The windows in my new home aren't deep enough for me to install an inside mount like I did at my old home. Would you mind sharing a photo of the outside mount on your one window so I could see how that looks? I am worried about the outside mounts looking bulky in my downstairs. thanks so much

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hi Maggie! I've finally added some pictures of the outside mount to the end of this post. I have curtains on the sides of the blinds, and you really can't even tell it's an outside mount. I hope this helps with your decision!

    2. maggie nestlerode Avatar

      Thank you so much!! I just ordered them last night from in the same color.

    3. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Awesome! You will love them.

  15. Steph Sorenson Avatar

    Hi Shelley! I love the look you got here! May I ask where you got these white curtains? I saw your bedroom "sheet" curtains but these don't look quite the same. I would love to get this look in my home: bamboo, white curtains, black hardware. LOVE! Thanks for your time. xo

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hi Steph! Yes, these white curtains are just plain white flat sheets. The only thing I did different here from the bedroom post was that I gathered a bit of the sheet with my fingers at the top and clipped the clip ring onto the back side to hold the gather in place. So easy and totally dresses it up!

  16. Ashley Wiebe Avatar

    Love these! Also love your wall color. Could you tell me what it is and where you got it?

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Thanks Ashley! It's Palamino Gray from PPG (Pittsburg/Porter Paints).

  17. sherswa Avatar

    Hey. Love your blinds and curtains. I saw in an earlier post that you said the curtains are just while sheets. Can you give more detail? What size, etc?

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hi Sherswa! They are plain white queen sized flat sheets from Target, their Threshold line.

  18. Cari Avatar

    I love the view of the breakfast nook. The plant in the corner is fabulous. I love the chandelier and have been looking for something like that. What is the manufacturer and style? Thanks!

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Thank you Cari! It's Progress Lighting's Fiorentino Collection – the 4 light chandelier.

  19. john cox Avatar

    Where did you get the table? I really like it! Thanks

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Thanks John! If you're referring to the kitchen pedestal table, it was an antique purchased by my parents when I was little. If you're interested in getting the same finish on a similar table you can check out how I did it here :

  20. Camesjohnson Avatar

    After reading your whole blog. I am able to understand the complete use of blinds and how to use blinds.

  21. Spencer and Hillary Avatar

    Hi Shelley! Your sunroom is beautiful and a great inspiration to me! We have a very similar room I am working on. Would you mind sharing where you got your long curtain rod? Thanks!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thanks! I picked them up at Target. For the extra long rod over the couch, I combined two to get the length. Hope this helps!

  22. Lauren McLemore Avatar

    I am planning on styling my kitchen like your photo! I realize this post is old, but would you mind sharing where you found the light fixture above the kitchen table? Thanks!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Hi Lauren! The fixture was put in by our builder, but I've seen it online at Home Depot – Progress Lighting Fiorentino Collection, 4 light chandelier.

  23. Shoshy Collins Avatar

    I love the light fixture over the circle table. Where did you get it? thanks.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      You can find it at Home Depot, Progress Lighting Fiorentino Collection 🙂

  24. Anonymous Avatar

    Could you tell me what your wall color is in your living room? I love it!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you! It's PPG (Pittsburg Paint) Palomino Grey.

  25. Chelsea Yost Avatar

    For your bamboo blinds did you choose the regular cords? Or did you opt for the continuous?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      I went with the regular standard cords.

  26. Shutters Avatar

    I love shutters because they are so versatile. We've got some at our cottage, in front of our furnace and hot water heater to help hide them. Now I'm looking for some to use as accents in our house. Anxious to see this when you're finished.
    window shade houston

  27. David Hudson Avatar

    After reading your whole blog. I am able to understand the complete use of blinds and how to use blinds.

  28. Tabby Avatar

    Are the walls in the dining room the same color as the living room?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Hi Tabby! They are the same color. Actually, all the walls in the house are the same color. The lack of light throws funny shadows at times making some corners look a lot darker.

  29. Oldham Woodblinds Avatar

    It's looking very unique and attractive styles.

    Oldham Woodblinds

  30. Grateful for your post Avatar
    Grateful for your post

    I have a question about the outside mount you did in the bedroom. Would you recommend having the drapery rod extend farther from the wall so it can hang straight–over the bulk of the roman shade when the shade is pulled up?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      You certainly could use a rod that has a longer support piece coming from the wall if you wanted. The hardware that came with my rod (just your average rod from Target) had plenty enough space for the outside mounted blind to be pulled up and not bunch up on the curtains. Hope this helps!

  31. Jennifer Avatar

    I recently received a sample of the bamboo shades in Antigua Natural and I am a little concerned about the greenish tone they have. In your photos I don’t notice it – they look more brownish/tan. I also have gray walls, and I don’t want the green and gray tones to blend too much – I want a contrast. Do you find the green is noticeable in person, or is it more subdued? Thanks for your help and for the photos of your gorgeous home!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Hi Jennifer! There is a bit of a greenish tone to it in some areas, but when they’re installed on the window I don’t even notice it. In fact, I had to go stare at them just now to see if I picked up on the green 😀 The overall feel is of warm natural wood. You get some dark brown, light brown, yellow/golden tones, and yes some green. I hope this helps you!

      1. Shelley Avatar

        Yea!!! I have no doubt you will absolutely love them. And yes, their customer service is amazing!

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