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Well, I need a weekend do over.  First off, thank you to those that responded to my prayer request I put out Sunday on Instagram and my personal FB for Sam.  Late Saturday he started running a low temp and had a lot of coughing.  Sunday morning I made him an appointment at the after hours doctor’s office for what I thought was going to be a run of the mill visit.  It ended up being not so run of the mill.
  Once we got to the doctor’s office they immediately started him on oxygen and breathing treatments since his oxygen levels were so low.  When he wasn’t responding to treatments the doctor told me we needed to get him to the ER for further evaluation.  When I asked which hospital I should take him to I was told I wouldn’t be taking him.  He would be going in an ambulance in case he “crashed” on the way.  W. T. F.
I’m trying, but I can’t even put into words how I felt at that moment.  Helpless and scared don’t do it justice.
Once at the ER, they started more breathing treatments and he was finally able to keep his oxygen levels within a range they were comfortable with.  He started perking up and acting more like himself again.  The popsicle helped a bit too.
A few hours later they diagnosed him with asthma (even though he’s too young to officially diagnose at this age – something I don’t quite understand) and we were able to take him home.
He’s doing much better now.  I pray we don’t ever find ourselves in this situation again.  Whenever he catches a cold he ALWAYS has problems breathing.  They’ve finally started him on preventative treatments.  I wish it could have been caught earlier, but right now I’m just so thankful he’s ok.
Ok, so onto the regular scheduled programming.
If you saw my post on paper wrapped books, I mentioned I was playing around with the dresser in our master bedroom.  Since moving in 5 months ago it still had random junk hanging around on top.  Clothes that needed ironing, receipts, lone socks, dust, dust, and more dust.  Poor bedrooms.  They’re always the ones that get neglected 🙁 
We still have the matchy, matchy furniture set from my husband’s bachelor days (minus the tufted headboard I had to fight tooth and nail for).  And although I’d love to have something different, I think a little attention can go a long way in making it feel better in the meantime.

Now it wouldn’t be complete without my must have accessory.  The baby monitor.
Would you look at him!  He’s in there dancing during his nap.  I should be irritated he isn’t taking his nap, but right now I’m just so thrilled to have him happy and healthy.  He can do whateva he wants 😉

| SOURCES: paperwrapped books – DIY . glass vase – TJ Maxx . candlestick – thrifted . striped candle – DIY (coming soon) . horse – Target  (no longer avail.) . jewelry dish – Holly Mathis’ booth at Urban Market in Houston . glass lamp – Target . black shade – World Market |
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  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    OMG!!! i was in the car all day driving 11 hours and didn't see about sam. i am SO glad that he is ok and i know how you felt as we had a similar situation with emmy when she was that age. we didn't have to go in an ambulance but were directed immediately to the hospital. i've never been so scared in all my life. or so helpless. i am so glad they figured it out.
    and onto my regularly scheduled comment- the dresser looks awesome! so you! love the fresh green added!

  2. Mindy Avatar

    Holy scary shit, Batman!!!!

  3. Amy Avatar

    I just picked my heart up off the floor. I am so sorry honey. You poor thing. Just remember in 6 years he'll be bragging to his friends that he got to ride in an ambulance, the story of why may be subject to change depending on his mood though. So thankful that he is ok. And, OMGaaaaawsh he is so beautiful! I need to smell his head and smooch him all over. Love you Shelley!

  4. Catherine Hansen Peart Avatar

    I know how you feel – same thing happened with our daughter at that age. She had quite a few hospital visits in that first couple of years until we got a handle on how to manage it better. Hers is triggered by viruses as well so we are always careful when she gets one. Thankfully, now, she is turning 12 and seems to be growing out of it mostly. It is so scary in the beginning though!

  5. Andrea Avatar

    Oh my, that is so scary. So glad you took him in and they dealt with it right away. My daughter has asthma too and it also comes on with viruses. Very scary stuff.

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