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Well, it’s official.  The house is finally on the market.
Fingers crossed all goes well and this puppy sells fast!
Last week I showed you a photo of the living room from before we moved in, 4 years ago.  Today I’ve got one of the kitchen in all its oakness glory.
And here we are after.

Behold the power of paint πŸ™‚
Even though the house is on the market, I’m still working on the master.  I’m wanting to make some black banded, monogrammed euro shams like these beauties…
I’ve got everything purchased to make them.  Just need the time.
Something else I need are prayers that this house sells fast.  Having to scram out of the house for showings with a 4 year old, 12 week old, and an 80 pound dog in tow doesn’t exactly sound like fun.  Let alone trying to keep the house show ready.
Anyone have suggestions on how to make showings a bit easier when you’ve got to pick up and get kids out of the house quick?
I’m all ears!


  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    when we sold our house in 2011 it was summer time so i had the kids with me all the time… we just put our dogs in the back yard, and i had friends that had told me i could call if i needed a place to go… so we just did that. called friends and went there! wishing you lots of luck!

  2. Holly Avatar

    Good luck with the house! Are they required to try to give you overnight notice? At least if you had notice you could try to keep the kids prepared to get out of the house quickly and maybe only play with 1 or 2 toys so there is less to clean up. It's tough though. The power of paint is a wonderful thing – look how great your kitchen looks! Did you happen to see the article on Houston in the WSJ this past weekend?

  3. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Avatar

    Prayers things go quickly and you get a price you want! πŸ™‚ And good luck with those shams, I can't wait to see them!!

  4. Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Avatar

    Good luck with the sale! I have to admit that when we were selling our last home, lots of times I would pile everyone in the car, drive around the corner, and have a little "stake out." I liked knowing how much time people were spending in the house. It gave me an idea if they were serious or not πŸ™‚ I guess this would only work if you had a specific time of arrival, or if the realtor could call you when they were on their way.

    You could put a big basket by your garage door, chuck whatever odds and ends are out (toys, burp clothes, etc), and bring it in the car with you. One more trick that someone told me about (not sure if it's "legal")…. put a voice-activated recorder hidden in the kitchen somewhere, since that's where most people stop and talk about the house. This way you can hear feedback you might otherwise not get πŸ™‚

  5. Nancy Carr Avatar

    Idea for getting the kids and the dog and yourself out of the house for a showing: Have a bag already packed with dog treats, kid snacks and a bottle or two of water, binky for baby (if needed), diapers, blanket and anything for yourself you might need and keep it near your exit door or in the car. Then all you have to grab is your purse, phone and a bottle of formula and car keys — oh yes, and grab the kids and the dog and go.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    When we listed our house two years ago we required at least an hours notice. Then I would throw everything that was out in a big basket (like someone mentioned above) and load it and the kids into the car. Then I would go back in and do a quick sweep through the house, cleaning mirrors & toilets, making sure nothing smelled funky, & vacuum. Good luck!

  7. Kathy C. Avatar

    Gorgeous kitchen reno!! Wow… seriously just saved it as an inspiration for ours…we have the same light wood floors. Hope your sale goes smoothly!

  8. Susan D Avatar

    The kitchen redo is amazing!

  9. Mindy Avatar

    Everyone I know who's put their house on the market in the last six months has sold in under a week.
    And holy WOW, that kitchen looks SO different!!!!

  10. Andrea Avatar

    Wow Shelley, your kitchen has come a long way! It's beautiful. Hopefully you have some before and after pics to show potential buyers so they can truly appreciate the house as it is today. Good luck with the showings. I wish I had some good tips for you. I kept a laundry basket by the door and threw whatever was lying around in it, stuck it, the three kids and dog in the car and made myself scarce for a while. No fun!

  11. Mrs. DeVore Avatar

    What an amazing kitchen transformation! Praying your house sells quickly!

  12. Julia | Pawleys Island Posh Avatar

    looks so great! can't wait to see your shams tutorial. I got white one for Christmas and I've been waiting to pull the trigger on adding some trim and a monogram!

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    Found your blog while searching white kitchens. My kitchen looks almost exactly like your before. Oak-ugliness! Did you paint yourself or have it done? Wanting to take the plunge and paint. Thanks!

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