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Still can’t believe Sam has gone off to Kindergarten this year.  Man, that happened fast!!  It has been two and a half years since he made the switch to a “big boy” room.  When we made that switch, a large amount of the art I used above his dresser was leftover from his nursery.  Nothing was wrong with it, but I was ready to change it up.


Updated Art

I swapped out the gold animals for this VW Bus printable.  Sam’s great-grandpa had one and my husband has fond memories of him and his Papa driving up and down the California coast in it.  The all white DIY circle art from years ago was replaced with a photo I took of the coast in Ireland.  I also replaced the black framed photo in the middle with art by House of Beaty and Boys which has the lyrics to Baby Mine, the song I sang Sam as a baby that he still loves to this day.  Finally, I added the watercolor moon phases from Vol25 to the left.  Sam has a large piece of moon artwork above his bed so this ties in well with it.  Just a little bit of change, but it feels more updated.

For reference, here’s the other side of his room.  Nothing has changed here since I put it together for him 2 and a half years ago.

Well that’s not true, the book collection has definitely grown and now spills over to that corner on the floor 🙂 This room still suits him really well and he loves spending time in his space.  I know the day will come soon when we’ll have to make room for a desk, but for now I love that he has plenty of room to play.

Click here more photos of his big boy room.


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  1. cassie bustamante Avatar

    i love his room more every time i see it. the art is perfect!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I love that his room isn’t trashed like his sisters 😀

  2. Pamela Jones Avatar
    Pamela Jones

    Memories…growing up fast (Sam and his room), but his love of his trains will last forever. 💞 Love his room.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Looking at how much he has grown since the last time I photographed him in the Big Boy Room Reveal made me want to cry 🙁

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