Calgon… take me away!

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Good grief it’s been crazy over here!
Here’s a little taste of what has been going on at our house.  This might help explain why I’ve not been the quickest when responding to emails.
{craziness no.1}
This one has been keeping me very busy.
But, I think it’s finally safe to say that (for the most part) Izzy is potty trained!!! 
Man, feels like we got a pay raise getting her out of those diapers.  I’ve been meaning to do a post on this for a while, but kept stopping myself because; a) she still wears pull-ups to bed, and b) I’m afraid to hit up the grocery store or a restaurant without pull-up protection (not because she won’t let me know, but because I’m afraid of the toilets and don’t know the best way to handle it yet).  So, I’m sure that means she’s not technically potty trained, but oh well, that’s what I’m calling it.
{craziness no.2}
I’m starting my own business. 
Oh wow… that’s scary to say.  I feel like now that I’ve said it I definitely have to follow through on it.  My hands are even getting clammy typing this!
I’ve always talked about how one day I’d love to have my own business designing and sewing crib bedding.  And, that has pretty much been all that has happened… just talk.  And lying in bed thinking about what I would call it, what everything would look like, on and on until I’d finally fall asleep.
But, now it’s actually happening and I’m so excited!!!  And a little terrified at the same time 🙂  I’ve been spending almost every free minute working on getting the details in place, and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can consider myself up and running.
I’ll definitely keep you all in the loop, and can’t wait to see what you guys think!
{craziness no.3}
Mike has been SWAMPED studying for his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).  I don’t know how he does it.  I’d be rocking in a corner right about now if I had to go through all of the material he’s been looking at.  So, between him studying and me getting a business in order, things have been a little stressful.
{craziness no.4}
A little over two years ago (right before Isabelle was due) we found a lump in Ruffino’s cheek.  Took him to the vet and it turned out the lump was malignant cancer.  DEVISTATED us.  A little background – We brought Ruffino home from a shelter one week after our wedding, which was also one week and a day after Mike’s mom passed away from cancer.  You read that right, we lost his mom the day before our wedding.  So, Ruffino is very important to us as he helped Mike with the loss of his mom.  I strongly believe that animals can be healing.  So, after much praying and a successful surgery, Ruffino was cancer free!
Wel, this past week we found a second lump in his neck and have been sick with worry.  Not only worried about possibly loosing him, but also, how will we explain this to Izzy.  She loves him so much!  Yesterday we went to the vet and were ecstatic to hear that everything is fine, no cancer.  Turned out to be a fat tumor (apparently common in some dogs) and is of no harm.  Thank you Lord!
So, that’s a little taste of what’s been going on over here.  Now that some of the stress is past us I can get back to fiddling around the house.  Oh let me tell you, there are so many things I’ve been wanting to do around here!  I’ll keep you updated as I tackle them! 
But, before I do that I need a vacation and a stiff drink.  Unfortunately this might be as close as I get to that 😀
Anyone else need a vacation?


  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh, sister…I am due for a nice vacation! Your beer-in-photos crack me up. Glad that everything is settling down. How exciting to start your own business…I hope you post lots of the things you are making!!

  2. zanteen photography Avatar

    You are awesome awesome! I am super excited for you and the new biz adventure, you can totally do this. You are the most creative person I know and your stuff is awesome. Good LUCK!!!
    I love reading the blog and it makes me want to keep up however I am not the best! I love the Archer Farms water you introduced me to, it is quite tasty been meaning to tell you.

  3. HammBone Avatar

    I just typed a whole comment and the dang thing deleted! So proud of you for following your dreams. MUAH! Loves you.

    I hope Izzy never uses her hands to prop herself up on a public toilet…or crawls underneath to the next stall…or sticks her hand in the toilet…or licks some part of the door. Just remember, all those germs actually help.
    Love you most!

  4. Hyphen Interiors Avatar

    Me! Wow… your husband lost his mom the day before your wedding! That is so sad. I lost my dad two years after mine. That was hard enough. Glad your doggy is alright! Super excited for your business. Can't wait to hear more about it!

  5. Christin Avatar

    What a busy lady you are! Well done on the potty training! I love the Pottery Barn Picture. And I am so excited about your business!! Oh my goodness it is going to be a success I just know it! You can do anything, and you do it the best!

  6. Orange it Lovely Avatar

    busy lady!!! COngrats on almost potty training.. its right around the corner.
    Congrats on the new business. I can not wait to hear about it! and TG the dog is ok. (hugs) to your whole family over the loss of his mom. I cant even imagine.

  7. GuppyK Avatar

    When I started reading about your dog I teared up a bit.

    We just got the all clear on our 11 year old rescued boxer. They had to take off his gentlemen parts but he doesn't seem to notice. Three cheers for cancer free dogs. And kudos on the potty training (I hear that business is hard work)

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