case of the want-itis

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So… I’ve got a little case of the Want-itis.
This time I blame it on my husband.  He recently got a new watch, and it got my wheels a turnin’ about how I’d like to have a watch, and then he mentioned getting me a watch for a little push present, which then REALLY inflamed my condition.
I’ve got a couple on my brain, but I can’t make up my mind.  I know I want a beefy, oversized watch.  I just don’t know if I should keep it simple or bring on the bling.  I need your help.
I’m leaning towards the more casual.  Reason being, I’m not all that dressy.  For example, today I wore running pants and a t-shirt.  Ok, maybe that’s because I’m sick and tired of all my maternity clothes and I just didn’t want to mess with it today.  But still.
What do you guys think?  Which watch do you think looks best?


  1. Beth of designPOST Interiors Avatar

    Must be the pregnancy hormones bc I have been dying for a new watch too! I saw a great inexpensive version on Asos- just trying to figure out how to subtly ask for it for my push present! I love your casual pick!

  2. Andrea Avatar

    I vote casual. You could always dress it up a bit with some flashy bracelets.

  3. Kristen | Cottage Modern Avatar

    I had never even heard of a "push present" until my husband surprised me with a new watch right before the birth of our first son last year. Turns out, its the same one you're looking at–the casual Michael Kors! I love the white ceramic, and how it goes with almost every outfit in my closet–you can't go wrong with that choice. I've since become a huge fan of all things Michael Kors, and regularly have a case of the want-itis when it comes to his stuff 🙂 Time to have another baby, I guess….!

  4. Mindy Avatar

    Casual. I wondered if you were gettin' your virtual Christmas wish list goin' on Pinterest. :o)

  5. Aja Avatar

    I adore big, man-sized watches! Love both your picks but I would go for the casual. You could definitely dress it up when you wanted.

  6. Allison Cooper Avatar

    Yep, the casual for sure. Very chic. Add a bracelet with some color or sparkle if you want to dress it up for 'fancy' days!

  7. The Mrs. @ Kitchen Doesn't Travel Avatar

    I think the "casual" one looks more masculine. I'm a little biased towards sparkle, though.

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