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10 days until Christmas y’all!!!  Apparently three years in Texas was all it took for the “y’all” to work it’s way into my language.
So, this isn’t a Home Tour because that would imply more than one room of my house is decorated, which is most definitely NOT the case.  Some years I feel like decking all the halls, some years not so much.  This was a not so much year.  But the living room got a few touches that are making me feel very merry indeed.
Here’s the first view of the living room you see as you walk through the entry hall.
This year I went with fresh cut cedar garland for the mantle.  Holy cow you guys, I am forever changed.  It’s sooooo pretty.  The smell and the drape just can’t be mimicked.  To keep it looking as fresh as possible, I spritz it with water every couple of days.  So far so good.  And it’s cheap enough that I don’t feel bad about doing this every year from now on.  Also keeps me from having to store the fake garland.
The striped candles are a mix of my DIY ones and some discounted Halloween candles I picked up at the end of the season.
This wreath was a quick little DIY using a wire hanger as the base and some fresh clippings from the lawn.  It won’t last through Christmas due to the type of greenery, but it will be super easy to replace a few days before.
This Christmas tree.  It almost killed me last year when it feel from a top shelf in the garage.  For reals.  That would have been the worst obituary.  Woman dies after 500 pound fake Christmas tree falls on top of her.  I swore last year was going to be it’s final year since it was too large for the space and 2/3rds of the pre-strung lights stopped working.  I don’t mind stringing lights on a real Christmas tree, but stringing them on a fake tree irks me to no end.  Just a couple of hours before I took these photos, more lights went out.  This tree hates me.  Just ignore the dark bald spots.
In the background, hanging on the floor mirror in the breakfast nook, you can see the advent calendar I made last year.
The ornaments are always the same, and I used the same DIY paper garland from a few years ago.  Even the metal candle holder for the tree topper made a return.  The only difference was adding the green ribbon.


That’s it folks!  If you’re interested in a deadly fake Christmas tree, check my curb a few days after Christmas.  This one will more than likely be there.  But if you take it, sleep with one eye open.
SOURCES:  chairs // sofa // lumbar pillow // coffee table (similar look here) // metal accordion table // rug (no longer avail – similar here and here) // bamboo blinds // white drapes // stripe throw blanket // DIY lacquer tray // 3 round mirrors (sold out – similar here) // glass candle holders (here and here) // DIY sunburst mirror // DIY striped candles




  1. Andrea at Blue House Happy Home Avatar

    Wow your house is stunning! I love how open it is and those beams…perfect! Love the simple Christmas decor.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you so much, Andrea! I always thought I would be the type to decorate every square inch for Christmas, but man it takes so much time just pulling these few items out. I don't know how people find the time to do it! Maybe when the kids are in college 😀

  2. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    love it, shelley! i love how the greens play with the black and white- that mantle!!! need i say more? no, but i will… also love the coffee table vignette!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thanks, Cassie! I wish I had been using fresh all these years, it's just so pretty!!! I think I'm going to replace the dusty garland I put on the stairway with this next year. I'm addicted.

  3. taylor walker Avatar

    Love it all! I need to come over a drink hot coco (ok, a martini) in this beautifully decorated home! Btw, You crack me up about the obituary!!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      I bet you saw the whole thing playing out in your head, "I've got it. Just ease it over a bit more. Too much!! TOO MUUUUCCCHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lol! And yes, you need to come over!

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    I love the natural vibe of your room. Would you mind sharing the source and/or brand of your window blinds?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Absolutely! They're Budget Woven Blinds in Antigua Natural. I have them throughout the house and LOVE them!

  5. Unknown Avatar

    can you please share where your coffee table is from?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      It's Restoration Hardware, their Dutch Industrial Coffee Table.

  6. Unknown Avatar


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