Cleaning + Oils

How to Order

Just like with any other website, you can make a one time purchase without any obligations. However, there are ways to unlock a 24% discount (wholesale pricing), earn rewards points back to use on products, and get free gifts so I want to make sure you know about those!


Place ANY order of 100 PV or more (PV is a point value assigned to each product found near the price) and you will unlock the 24% off discount at checkout. And you can get 24% off your purchases all year long. This can be any mix of products of your choice. Whether you start by making the switch to Thieves Household Cleaner or by picking out some oils to start diffusing at home, you can choose anything you like. I will also personally mail you out a set of recipe cards so you can start making your own DIY products on Day 1.


Not ready to make a larger purchase? That’s fine too! You can also unlock the 24% off discount by placing a Loyalty Order. To place a Loyalty Order simply any item to your order by clicking the “Add to Loyalty Order” button instead of “Add to Cart”. You then choose the frequency it is automatically delivered to you from monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months. You get your item at the time of your choosing and a 24% discount on anything else you purchase. Oh, and you can change up your loyalty order item(s) to try different products each time! The best part is that if you have a loyalty order of 50PV or more each month you get reward points back you can use on products AND you get FREE gifts at months 3, 6, 9 and 12! This is how I get so many oils and products for FREE!!!

How it Started

I tried something new not at all expecting to love it, but here I am head over heels with a natural cleaner.

I dreaded cleaning our bathrooms. Standing in our shower using cleaning chemicals always resulted in a day long headache and an asthma attack. I ended up hiring it out for a while so I wouldn’t get sick. That gets expensive fast. Natural cleaning products I had tried in the past always let me down, but I decided to give a new one a go after my sister and others had raved about it. I cancelled the cleaning company and let my shower get all sorts of nasty so I could really put it to the test. The stuff actually worked. It worked better than my regular cleaning products, didn’t make me sick, smelled amazing, and got me excited about cleaning again! AND, my kids can clean their own bathrooms now. Something I never would have wanted them to do before due to the chemicals. I think it’s fair to say this is life changing. Oh, and the pretty bottles and labels certainly don’t hurt either.

The DIY girl in me is having so much fun creating amazing cleaning, laundry, and beauty recipes. The scent loving me is diving head first into diffusing all the amazing oils and blends for making our home smell amazing.

What to Order for Cleaning

Not sure where to start? If this is your first purchase and you want to meet the 100PV to unlock that 24% discount, but you aren’t sure what all to order, I have a few suggestions for items that will work together to make all sorts of amazing recipes.

Make sure to use my Referral # 30154917 at checkout so I can see your order and mail you out my set of recipe cards!

What to Order for Oils & Diffusing

A great value if you are wanting to get into diffusing great smelling oils at home as well as the wellness side of essential oils is by purchasing a Premium Starter Bundle w/ Diffuser. These bundles come with 12 essential oils that you can diffuse and use in DIY cleaning recipes, as well as your choice of diffuser (Aria, Desert Mist, Dewdrop, or Rainstone). My diffuser is the Aria. I have heard these premium starter kits may be going away, so snag one before they disappear! The Premium Starter Kits with diffusers are already discounted so there is not an additional 24% off the price, but you do get 24% off other items.

Loyalty Order Rewards

Loyalty Orders are a completely FREE optional member rewards program. You can start when you join or anytime later on! With Loyalty Orders you get up to 25% of your purchases back in the form of product credit and exclusive gifts. To qualify for these rewards, you need Loyalty Orders of 50 PV or more each and every month. Once you get started with oils you’ll love it so much that you will want to try new oils and new recipes. So since you’re more than likely already going to be making these purchases, you might as well set up a Loyalty Order each month and earn money back! You also get FREE gifts at months 3, 6, 9, and 12! Check out the details below on how you can edit your monthly Loyalty Orders (to try something new each time) and redeem your Loyalty Rewards.