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I hope you all had a fabulous Easter!  We did a little egg hunting before heading to church.  Afterwards we TOTALLY nailed the perfect Easter morning family photo…
Anywho, so over the past couple of days I have been obsessing over fruit trees.  It started when we ran into a guy selling different fruit trees at a farmer’s market over the weekend.  Lemon (I’m thinking perfect to have on hand for my beer), lime (again perfect for my beer), blueberry, orange, etc.  I WANT.
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Not only do I want them to grow up and be nice and tasty, but I want them to help with privacy between our back fence and the side of the neighbor’s house.  We have a privacy fence between us, but the entire side of their house is covered in windows and the fence only covers part of them.  I can’t get these images of pleached trees out of my head.  They just might be the perfect solution along a fence.
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I want to know – do you guys have fruit trees in your yards?  What do you have?  And, has anyone tried to grow pleached trees before?  It seems like it could be a booger and I want to get your guys’ thoughts before I get too excited about it.  Which is probably already too late.



  1. Talitha Richardson Avatar

    When we bought our house we had heaps of fruit trees, and have tried to maintain them. Lemon, orange, lemonade, mango, mandarin and a passionfruit vine. We also planted an apple tree recently.
    We are constantly spraying the trees as there are so many different bugs/diseases they get, but worth it when the fruit tastes better than store bought 🙂

  2. Mindy Avatar

    I'll make a little gardener out of ya yet. 🙂 It's too cold here for citrus trees, unless I wanna drag 'em in in the winter. And I don't have room for fruit trees. 🙁 boo hiss

  3. Samantha Hawes Avatar

    We have a lime tree & pomegranate bushes, and they're great, but too small for privacy. They definitely attract more bugs, snakes, rodents, etc…. :-/
    I've always wanted an orange tree, but I'm impatient and want a full grown one.
    Our yard is maintained every week so I don't know how hard they are to actually care for, I just know I see more bugs when fruit starts popping up.
    Good luck!! XO

  4. Amy Avatar

    Yes! I was just talking to my mom about an apple tree. Wouldn't that be great? A yard full of fruit trees.

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