Custom Drapes for Less in the Dining Room

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Made some forward movement in the dining room refresh by adding new drapes! It immediately made the room feel so much more tailored and thought out. Remember the ones I put up in our living room and kitchen nook earlier this year? I loved them so much that I had to put the same custom drapes for less in the dining room. The fabric and color is different than the other areas, but they still flow with the house. Let me show you!

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TwoPages Curtains, Custom Drapes for Less in the Dining Room

Not every room calls for custom drapes. But when you need an uncommon width or length due to window size or ceiling height you’ll find pricing them out can be scary. That’s what I love about this brand, TwoPages. You get custom, designer quality drapes for much less. And if you don’t need a custom size, you can purchase common sizes through their Amazon page for even less.

Drape Style and Fabric

TwoPages offers several styles to choose from. For the dining room I went with the JAWARA Linen Cotton Blend Drapes. The feel and texture is very similar to the LIZ Drapes we have in the living room and dining room.

TwoPage Curtains JAWARA

Drape Color

I spent a very long time considering what color would work best in our dining room. Before ordering the drapes I ordered their color swatches and placed them on the walls so I could see how they looked as the light changed throughout the day. Even though the walls are painted the same color as the living and kitchen, the color looks entirely different. This room’s windows are North facing and the light casts more green in this room due to the trees being right outside the window. The drapes that worked in the living room looked completely different in here.

TwoPages Curtains Jawara Grayish Beige

The JAWARA fabric had some other color options that worked better in our dining space. I decided on the Greyish Beige 401-10. So thrilled with the color! I highly suggest ordering their fabric swatches so you can decide on the perfect color for your space depending on lighting and wall color.

TwoPages Jawara Swatch Samples

Pleat Heading and Shaping

There are several options available for heading, the part along the top that attaches to your curtain rod. I chose the Pinch Pleat which is the same style I used in the living room and kitchen. It’s a classic peat that works with every style of home decor and immediately makes your drapes look high end.

Pinch Pleat Header, Custom Drapes for less in the Dining Room

In addition to choosing your heading style, you can choose whether to not you want your drapes Memory Shaped. Memory Shaping is what makes your drapes lay nicely with the fabric stacked neatly all the way down the length of the drape. You can have them do this for you or do it yourself. I chose to have them do the Memory Shaping for me this time since I ordered my other drapes without it. I wanted to see if there was enough of a difference. With Memory Shaping the drapes are sent already folded the entire length. They hang perfectly without any need to steam or train them and are just plain gorgeous immediately.

TwoPages Memory Shaping

Do you have to do Memory Shaping? No. If you want to save the money you can skip this and easily do it yourself. Just steam your drapes after they are hung and gently wrap painter’s tape around the drapes (1/3rd from the top and 1/3rd from the bottom). Leave the tape on for about a week to help set in the folds.  


They offer six lining options, from no liner at all to thermal blackout. I went with the Room Darkening Liner which lets in more light than a blackout liner but with enough backing to keep the fabric from being blown out in the sun.

TwoPages Room Darkening Liner

Width and Length

Measuring windows for drapes can seem really overwhelming at first, but they offer a measurement guide on their website making it simple. For my taste, I prefer a drape that is fuller than the recommended width. This gives me that really pretty full look with the pleats sitting tighter together when stacked to the sides. Everyone’s windows are different, but to give you a reference, the two outer most drape panels are 72″ wide, and the two inner panels are 60″ wide. This measurement is at the top by the pleats. This is the same measurements I did for our living room windows. The extra 12″ on the outside panels gave me two extra pleats. This just helps fill in the awkward space on the outside edges of the windows.

TwoPages Jawara Curtains, Custom Drapes for Less

My length is 112″. I wanted these drapes to sit slightly above the floor so they wouldn’t puddle or drag. I had them made 1″ shorter than the length from the bottom of my curtain rod to the floor. They’re floating just above the floor which makes the pleats hang perfectly. The drapes also come with drapery hooks that connect the drapes to curtain rings. These hooks are adjustable which helps you get a perfect hanging height.

Drapes one inch off floor

Were to Buy the Drapes + Discount Code

If you don’t need a completely custom size, you can purchase from TwoPages on Amazon. If you need a precise custom size you can order from the TwoPages websiteUse code SHELLEYWESTERMAN10 for 10% off your order.

Before and After

I love a side-by-side comparison. Look at what a difference the drapes alone made to the room! I’m just thrilled with them.

What’s Next?

Now that drapes can be checked off the list I just have the chandelier left. I think I’ve found a beautiful option! I just need to overthink it for a while longer before pulling the trigger.


  1. Pamela Avatar

    The changes to the dining room are making it a place I’m drawn to now. The change of the mirror and your upholstered chairs have made a big different. Appears more balanced. Can’t wait and I mean really eager to see you chandelier choice.💓

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I am definitely feeling more drawn to this room now myself!

  2. Yvette Avatar

    Hello, I’m curious what color you used on your walls? We have the same color flooring so I was just curious. Thank you

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Hi Yvette! We have PPG Paints Gray Palomino. I believe it’s discontinued from their paint deck, but you can still have it mixed. Lowes can also mix the color for you.

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