DIY cage light ceiling fan

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This past week I have been slowly chipping away at the kids’ playroom.  It started when I decided I was going to sell the couch we had up there so the kids would have plenty of open space to play.  Only to decide later, after a little rearranging, to keep it. The new arrangement made so much more sense and we actually found ourselves using the playroom more!  The only problem was that it was always so HOT up there.  Now was the time to switch out the flush mount light for a ceiling fan.
I wanted it to look good and be cheap.  Story of my life.  I loved the look of the industrial looking ceiling fans, especially the ones with the caged light fixtures.  Some prices weren’t outrageous, but they were more than I wanted to spend on a playroom fan.  So… here’s what I came up with!
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This was SUCH an easy way to switch up the look of the fan.  The fan itself is actually the exact same fan I used in our master bedroom and put a pendant shade on.  You can check that out here.  All I did for this fan was take the glass shades off, attach light cages, and swapped out the regular bulbs for Edison bulbs.
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Not only do I love the look, but it really is practical in a playroom where things have a tendency to get thrown around.  “Mommy!  Watch how high I can throw Minnie Mouse!!!”
Do we like or is it a bit strange?  Honestly, at first I was bummed because I didn’t think it was as cool as I imagined it to be in my head, but it has totally grown on me now and I love it!




  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    OOOOOH love this idea for all of our fans! we need our fans. 🙂

  2. The Bold Abode Avatar

    I LOVE that! I have some ugly glass shades and I hadn't even thought to do this.

  3. taylor walker Avatar

    Your so stinken creative! I want to see pics of the whole playroom!!

  4. natasha {schue love} Avatar

    This is so beyond genius and adorable to boot! Loving this!

  5. Amy Avatar

    I love this.

  6. Mindy Avatar

    Soooooo, that's friggin' awesome. Our one ceiling fan doesn't have a light kit, but I still want some of those cages!

  7. Sherri @ Avatar

    Love love love this!!!

  8. Stacy G Avatar

    I love it! Definitely smart for a playroom! I have two boys and my youngest is a 17 month old girl..that is around boys all the time! Needless to say she is not the daintiest. lol

  9. Alex Micky Avatar

    Amazing! i love decorating my home with amazing lights. i like to know if you have led lights for decoration because i don't want to harm environment. Good to see your decorative lights. Thanks!

  10. Kelly Aldridge Avatar

    Would you be able to use those cages to replace the globes on any ceiling fan or did you have to attach them in a special way?

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hi Kelly! I attached them around the socket so I would think you should be able to use them on any fan with those type of lights.

  11. Cheryl Thornton Avatar

    where did you purchase the cages? I am looking to do something similar with my kitchen ceiling fan

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hi Cheryl! There's a link to the light cages I used in the source list under the last photo. Good luck on your fan upgrade!

    2. Amy Keogh Avatar

      I don't see a link. Is it me?

    3. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      There is a source list under the last photo. Click on the name of the item you're interested in and it will take you to it!

  12. Shubham Avatar

    It's so good. I would like to use this creative idea at Home.I never thought that I could find such a product even.

  13. Sarthak Avatar

    Innovation at its peak.What if I used LED BULBS. rather than Conventional bulbs.

  14. Sarah B Avatar

    Hello! Do you mind if I include this in a ceiling fan roundup on my blog?


  15. Unknown Avatar

    Can you tell me how this band has held up for you? I've researched the high berry fan, and the reviews are horrible on it. I keep saying that either the light kit or the fan stopped working. How has it worked for you

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      We haven't had any problems with the fan or light kit with the one our playroom (the one shown in this post). We have the same fan in our master and just recently noticed that the highest speed setting isn't kicking on. However, we keep the fan running on the lowest speed setting literally at all times. It's only shut off when I'm dusting the fan blades. I feel like it probably wouldn't have been a problem if we didn't run it constantly. We've had that particular fan up a little under two years. I hope this helps!

  16. Unknown Avatar

    This is awesome!
    I followed the link to the cages… do they just screw right in?
    Do you have step by step instructions?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Hi Toni! After you remove the old glass shades from the fan's light kit you just slip the light cage onto the light socket and tighten the screws around the collar of the light cage. Screw in your light bulbs and that's it!

    2. Angela Avatar

      The fan I'm using these on is 20-30 years old and the light shades are a different size. I'm going to have to rig it somehow, since the stick out areas on the cage keep it from fitting in place. I think it's doable, I just have to think about it for a bit. It's saving us a ton of money over replacing a fan that works fine, but just isn't aesthetically pleasing.

  17. LED HighBayLight Avatar

    i love decorating my home with LED Tube Light. you gave useful information on diy cage light ceiling. Thanks for sharing information. I think LED Light
    has its own advantages like long lifespan and environmentally friendly.

  18. Christie Avatar

    Is the hardware on this fan bronze or black? I notice the link is to black cages. Thank you.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Hi Christie! The hardware on the fan is bronze, but it's so dark that you can't tell a difference between the bronze hardware and black light cages. Hope this helps!

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