DIY Wall Moulding and PPG Paints

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About five years ago I added moulding to the wall our headboard sits against in our master bedroom. The moulding added so much dimension to and interest to the wall. As soon as it was completed I felt like it should have been added to the other walls. I decided to sit on it and see if I still felt like it a few months later. Here we are five years later and I’ve finally made it happen. I’m excited to share with you the rest of my DIY wall moulding and the PPG Paints colors that gave our room a fresh update.

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Here’s the headboard wall with the moulding I wanted to continue. You can check out that before and after here. This side of the room is currently the same.

DIY wall moulding bedroom

It’s the dresser wall and the wall opposite the windows (not shown) that called out for trim.

loloi millenium rug


Palomino Grey PPG Paint
PPG Gray Paint
bedroom wall moulding

DIY Wall Moulding

Size and Spacing

Your first task is the hardest, determining the size you want your moulding sections to be. I broke the large dresser wall into three sections with a wider section in the middle. The larger section of wall next to our door was broken in half with two equally sized sections. And the small wall behind our door was one section.

I didn’t want to have moulding running into our outlets so I used the outlets as my guide. With the moulding sitting directly under the outlets I had four inches between the top of the baseboard and the bottom of the trim. So, I spaced all my trim pieces four inches from the baseboards, crown moulding, corners, and adjacent trim pieces. There was no formula for deciding the height of my lower boxes. I just went by what felt right for the room. You can play around with painter’s tape to help you visualize size.

DIY wall moulding

Cutting and Installing Trim

With all of my measurements in hand I cut all of my pieces with our compound miter saw. It always makes quick work of this and is by far the best tool we own. Just make sure you don’t get too confident with remembering your measurements. Double and triple check that number before you cut!

For deciding where to begin attaching trim first, I started in the middle of the wall. I took my measurement of 4 inches up from the baseboard and marked the wall. I then marked the middle of my trim piece so I could line that up with the middle of the wall.

To attach the trim to the wall I ran a bead of liquid nails along the back of the trim. Press the trim in place and use a level as your guide to keep everything precise. Then nailed it in place with a nail gun.

TIP: Baseboards, ceilings, and wall corners are not always level. Use a level to position the trim instead of a measuring tape.

Once all my trim was attached I filled nail holes and ran paintable caulk along all the trim edges. This will make or break your finished project so make sure you don’t skip it.

wall moulding DIY

PPG Paints

Once my trim was primed I pulled out my favorite paint; PPG Paints Gray Palomino 521-3. Our entire home is painted this color. I don’t consider it a gray but instead a very warm white. It gives our home the feeling of white without being stark. This color has since become discontinued from the PPG color samples, but it can still be mixed upon request. Our baseboards and crown are painted PPG Paints Gypsum, a perfect bright white compliment.

I went with their Manor Hall Interior Latex Paint in a flat finish for the walls and and eggshell finish for our baseboards and crown. This latex paint has a built in primer, provides a mildew resistant coating in high humidity and high traffic areas, and offers outstanding washability. A perfect choice for this room since it is our dog’s favorite spot in the house. And let me tell you, it’s amazing how fresh and clean this room feels with a new coat of paint on it.

I also want to point out how easy it was to pick up my paint for this project. My local PPG Store had curbside pickup which made this painting project a breeze to complete while maintaining social distancing during Covid-19.

PPG Paints Palomino Gray

Our paint color is by far the most asked question I get on the blog and Instagram. PPG Paints Palomino Gray is truly my favorite color out there. We’ve lived in this house over six years with this color. I’ve never once second guessed my decision.

DIY wall moulding and PPG Paint

The one decision I have left to make in this room is what art to add to the wall in-between our bedroom door and the entrance to our bathroom. Still deciding on that. Next up is touching up the paint in our master bath.

simple wall moulding

I hope you enjoyed this DIY wall moulding treatment, and that you have a new color to consider with PPG Paints Gray Palomino. If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I’ll respond back.


Thank you PPG Paints for supplying the paint for this project.


  1. Cassie Bustamante Avatar

    it makes such a difference, shelley- totally incredible makeover!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you, Cassie! I’m so glad I decided to wrap the moulding all the way around. Feels so much more complete now.

  2. Design Chic Avatar

    This looks amazing, Cassie! I can’t believe the difference it makes! Happy Thursday, my friend~

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you! I love how moulding adds interest but not clutter.

  3. Linda Avatar

    The room looked great before; now it looks amazing! Thank you for (unknowingly) urging me on to my next project! Great job!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you so much, Linda! That is how almost all of my projects get started. I see something that sparks me and suddenly it’s all I can think about 😀

  4. Pamela Jones Avatar
    Pamela Jones

    This is a great effect on the size of the room. Seeing it in person it gave the walls more height and width. Really expanded the the feeling of the rooms size. Cant wait for the artwork. Love the refresh of the been painted trim as well. I need to have spend some time in Kansas and redo my bedroo.. 😊💞

    1. Shelley Avatar

      It really did feel like it expanded the walls! I can’t wait to get the rest of the paint touched up throughout the house.

  5. Kat Avatar

    Hi! Looks absolutely amazing. I have been considering picture frame moldings for a few months now and you’ve just convinced me. I am wondering, did you add it to walls that have doors or windows? Would you recommend against it? I am considering adding moldings to my living room but every single wall has either a door or window!

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