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I’ve been dragging my feet a bit when it comes to addressing the window over our master bathroom’s tub.  I slapped some privacy film on it the day we moved in, but that’s all the attention it has received.  I thought my only option would be a roman shade since the tub butts right up to the window, but I don’t love that idea.  I keep going back to regular drapes to help soften up the area.

I found all of these pretty inspiration pics of gorgeous drapes by the tub.

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Aside from them all having gorgeous drapes next to the tub, they also have something else in common.  Freestanding tubs… which I don’t.  Argh!!!!!  The freestanding tub was on my bathroom wish list when we built the house.  It got the red marker treatment in order to stay on budget since they were practically asking for our first born.  It’s a good thing Izzy had been so sweet lately, or else I might have that tub.  I kid, I kid!!!
Here’s the tub area:
Here’s the Plan: 
  • Add drapes to tub window for softness
  • Add bamboo shade to mimic the shade on the other bathroom window
  • Remove towel bar on the wall next to the tub (I don’t know why, but these drive me nuts)
  • Add art to wall where the towel bar was
I determined to make this long drape thing work.  We’ve use the tub once since we’ve been in this house so it’s not like drapes are going to see a lot of water action.  And, Izzy doesn’t use our tub so I don’t have to worry about her busting out the Ariel-shimmy-up-the-ocean-rock-move from The Little Mermaid where water goes splashing everywhere 😀
What are your thoughts?  Am I crazy?


  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    i love the look of the drapes with the tubs! my only concern in your space is if they would interfere with the mirror??

  2. Bob Ward Avatar

    Drapes in the bathroom might sound utterly preposterous, but they really can look beautiful and creative. I would worry more about the drapes getting wet. Some people just like to splash. It could work if they were waterproofed somehow. Stains from big wet marks on the drapes would look horrible. A water resistant treatment might help.

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