Easy Balloon Garland Tutorial

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If you caught Izzy’s birthday post then you saw the fun balloon garland I created for the party!  Balloon garlands have been on my One Day I’ll Try That list for quite some time, but honestly I never got around to it because they seemed like they would be so hard.  Well, I finally got the courage up to try it, and wouldn’t you know it wasn’t hard at all!  There are TONS of tutorials out there with a crazy amount of supplies needed, but mine is definitely doable (if I do say so myself). This post does contain some affiliate links.  Purchases made through these links do not increase prices for you at all, but it does keep this blog up and running.  For more information, visit my disclosure here.  Thank you for your support! 

What you need:

  • 11″ latex balloons blown up (I used 24 11″ balloons) I like these balloons because they come in great premixed colors.
  • 5″ latex balloons blown up (I used 18 5″ balloons)  The premixed color balloons are available in this small size as well.
  • Cotton craft thread
  • Needle with large eye to fit craft thread
  • Command Strip Hooks
  • Clear tape (if needed)

How to do it:

Step One

Cut a piece of thread about three feet longer than you want your garland to be.  Run the needle and thread through the bottom of the tied off piece of the larger balloons.  Keep adding balloons the length of your thread.  Set off to the side.  Repeat with the smaller 5″ balloons.

Step Two

Add a Command Hook where you want the garland to start at the top, and another at the halfway point where you want it to start cascading down.

Step Three

Tie the end of the larger string of balloons to the top Command Hook.  Swag it over the second Command hook and let some of the remaining length of the balloons pool on the floor.

Step Four

Grab the smaller string of balloons and starting at the top, weave them in and around the larger balloons.  If you feel like some areas are sparse, you can fill in with some smaller balloons and tape them in place with clear tape.  Want to add a foil balloon to the top?  Just fold over some clear packing tape and stick it gently to the balloon and your surface.

You’re done!!!

Not as intimidating as you thought, right?!  I love that it gives such a big impact.  So, who wants to add a balloon garland to their next party?

Shop the Look:

Check out the rest of the party here.



  1. cassie bustamante Avatar

    LOVE this! definitely easier than i expected!

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