Easy Bathroom Makeover

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A couple of weeks ago I decided I was fed up with our master bathroom’s water closet. It was just a blank space that had zero interest. You get in, you get out. I pulled together items from around the house and in less than an hour I had a beautiful space that felt intentional. This is a reminder that you don’t have to go through major renovations to fall in love with your home. Little changes like this easy bathroom makeover don’t take a lot of time or money, but will completely change the way you feel about your home. Don’t wait until you have the bathroom of your dreams! You will always be surprised by what swapping out decor items can do for a room.

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Over six years ago when we moved in I slapped these little mirrors up on the wall just to get them out of a box and off the floor. I didn’t care for the style anymore, but there they sat along with my little fake plant in a container I also didn’t care for. That was the extent of the decor. Pretty blah.


As I mentioned earlier, I shopped the house for existing items to pull this space together. The art used to be in our master bedroom, but had been sitting in our closet for a few months after I took it down to add wall moulding. Stacking the two large prints immediately filled the space over the toilet and added a lot more interest.

easy bathroom makeover

Barely visible is the woven belly basket I tucked into the corner to hold extra rolls of toilet paper. Why I went so long without this is ridiculous! Such a quick and super functional improvement.

easy bathroom makeover

The faux plant’s vase was swapped out for an earth toned piece of pottery that contrasts all the white. Last item I added was a candle and the cutest match striker I recently got in. Don’t forget the candle. Even when it’s not lit a great scented candle will make the space smell nice. Light it and suddenly you’re never going to want to leave your little bathroom.

Truth: Sometimes I lie to the kids and tell them I’m going to the bathroom only to go hide out in there, light my candle, and have some uninterrupted quiet time.

art above toilet

So there you have it. Not major changes by any means, but it certainly feels much better in there.

Warm + Textural Bathroom Decor

I’ve pulled together some items that I’ve used in our bathroom as well as other decor pieces that I think would bring a lot of pretty texture and warmth to any bathroom. And remember, even if your bathroom’s counters, floors, vanity, sink, or fixtures aren’t your ideal, that doesn’t mean you can’t love your space. Little decor changes go a long way.

neutral bathroom decor
  1. I like the simplicity of this fringe hand towel. I’m always amazed with what just swapping out a hang towel will do for a bathroom.
  2. Art with water seems to go hand and hand in a bathroom. This beach printable comes in a number of different sizes.
  3. A waffle textured towel is a classic and comes in other colors as well.
  4. Don’t forget to add a candle! I love a candle in black glass and this citrus and pine soy candle is calling my name.
  5. What I like about this little wood pedestal is that you can use it so many ways. Hold a candle, soap, lotions, etc.
  6. A few years back I swapped out my soap containers to simple amber glass and I still love it. It immediately elevated the look of our bathroom.
  7. This divided wooden container would be beautiful sitting out on your counter and could hold a number of items. Hair ties, bobby pins, bath salts, everyday jewelry, etc.
  8. I am completely in love with this pottery match striker! It’s a perfect pair next to your favorite candle.
  9. Technically these are tasting plates, but they make the best bathroom trays. I have one next to each of our sinks to corral my husband’s products and my lotions. Keeping products that you need out on your counter in a tray will make them feel a lot less cluttered.
  10. Freshen up your bath mat. It’s as good of a feeling as a new pair of socks. I like a white bath mat so I can bleach it.
  11. This little faux fern drop in is cute and brings life to a space without having to worry about killing it.
  12. Shower clutter is totally a thing. All those products with all their crazy colored packaging drives me bonkers. I have been using these pump bottles for a few years now. Switching from a squeeze bottle to a pump is life changing, and you’ll love the cleaner look.
  13. A woven belly basket is great for holding extra rolls of toilet paper near the toilet or rolled up towels next to the tub.
  14. I have really been into one-of-a-kind pottery pieces lately. This small round vase would work for holding faux greens or makeup brushes.
  15. I just picked up the large version of this clear glass container for the laundry room. These would be great in a bathroom as well holding soaps, bath salts, extra sponges, etc. Not pictured, but these small glass lidded containers are also great for smaller items.


  1. Kimberly Avatar

    Where do you find the pump bottles #12 for the bathrooms? Love them,

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I’ve linked to them below the picture in line #12, just click on the bolded text. They are great bottles!

  2. Paige Schloss Avatar
    Paige Schloss

    where did you get the frames you used?

    1. Shelley Avatar

      They are the RIBBA frames from Ikea.

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