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Last week Izzy asked me why we haven’t put out Halloween decorations yet.  I told her it was because it’s still 90 degrees outside and Mommy has a hard time getting in the fall decorating mood when she’s still sweating.  She wasn’t having that.  So, I drug out some decor but kept it on the simple side.  Like done in 30 minutes simple side.
I kept the striped candle sticks and swapped out some greenery in a vase for a pile of fake and real pumpkins topped with a crow.  I also added a banner I picked up from Target on clearance a few weeks back just because it was $2.  I mean come on??  $2??  This is the reverse side.  I used chalk to write the Halloween.
I feel a bit like Portland (put a bird on it) when it comes to Halloween decorating, but it is SO easy and always works.  You can see in the reflection of the mirror more crows perched on my tall mirror in the kitchen.  Which means the kitchen was decorated for Halloween in 2 seconds.  Done!

Stuck a big one on the secretary.  Poor guy lost some feather over the years.
One wall in the dining room got covered in some bats I cut out of construction paper a few years back.  So cheap but way cool.  Izzy loves these things.

And… another crow.
Actually, I take that back.  Izzy’s favorite decorations are the little mouse silhouettes from Martha Stewart.  They’ve been around a while and everyone uses them, but I just love these little things.  A few years ago Izzy would go up the stairs at night to head to bed and say goodnight to each mouse and shout out “mouse house!!!” when she would see the openings 😀  Sam keeps playing with the tail of the one on the wood floors.  It will probably last one more day before it’s a tailless rat.

Now that I’ve taken myself down memory lane a bit with Izzy I have to show you my most favorite decor ever this year.
She busted these out while I was taping up the bats.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!  The witch is my fav 🙂

I do love decorating for Halloween but it’s so hard when it’s still so hot out!  I need sweater weather STAT.


  1. Andrea Avatar

    Shelley, this is perfect. My little guy keeps asking for giant inflatables and gravestone for our front yard. I like your decor much better. I think I can talk him into flying bats all over the house. Off to find some black construction paper. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great weekend.

  2. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    love it! i love the simple touches and love the mantle so much!

  3. Tara {The Silver Lining} Avatar

    Cute and simple! I like it! Izzy's decor is adorable – the witch is my fav too. 🙂 Okay, so I have to ask, and you may have it on your blog somewhere, but where did you find that mirror above your mantle? I love it and need something similar for a nook on our stairs.

  4. Mindy Avatar

    We have all the exact same decorations. LOL. Seriously. And I'm in Portland, so I HAD to put a bird on it.

  5. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Avatar

    Izzy's witch is the best. Love it!

  6. Freckles Chick Avatar

    Izzy's got the decorating instinct, that's for sure! I'm not a big Halloween decorator which will probably change as Quinn gets older but if I were, THIS is how I'd want to do it. Creepy-chic. #itsathing

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