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Welcome to another post in the Fall Into the Holidays Series!  If you are just joining in, I have teamed up with a group of talented ladies to help you get your home ready for the holiday season one room at a time.  Last week we kicked off the series with kitchens.  If you missed that one, you can click here to get caught up.  This week it is all about bedrooms!

Guest rooms are famous for being the dumping grounds of random items.  No time to put something away, or not sure where to put the unwanted furniture?  Toss it in the guest room!  No one wants to stay in a room filled with junk.  This is the perfect time to clean up and freshen up for your holiday guests.


Freshen Up the Basics

Now is not the time for a ground up makeover.  We have bigger turkeys to fry.  But, you can still completely change the feel of the space with just a few simple tweaks.

1.  Bedding

Give your guest bed new life by bringing in new bedding.  Avoid the bed-in-a-bag look by picking out a separate duvet, blanket, and pillows that coordinate well together instead of matching.  For instance, in our guest room I used a duvet I found on sale at Homegoods, a blanket that used to be in our master, pillows from my son’s bedding set, and a throw pillow from Homegoods or TJ Maxx.  If your bedding is already good to go and you just want to switch it up for the season, try adding in some warmer layers and textures.  Maybe add a faux fur pillow to the mix or add a sweater knit blanket to the foot of the bed for extra warmth.

2.  Lighting

I’m still amazed at how updating the bedside lamps made such a big impact in our guest room makeover.  If you have mismatched bedside tables, balance the look by using matching lamps.  The modern task lamps in here also help break up the leftover traditional furniture pieces.  If you currently have matching lamps but they feel a little dated, try switching out the lampshades to simple drum shades for a new look.

3.  Art

Are the guest room walls empty?  Add a collection of baskets, hats, or DIY botanical prints like the ones I made in our dining room.  Have art that has migrated to the guest room but it feels dated?  If you still love the frame but not the art, replace it with a free online printable (major time and cost saver).  Or if you still like the art but the frame is dated, replace it with a simple white frame and large mat.

4.  Add Life

Bring some green life into the room.  If you have room you can add a plant to a corner.  Add a vase with some greens clipped from the yard or pick up some simple flowers the next time you’re at the grocery store.  It really will liven up the room and make your guests feel special.


Don’t Forget the Bath

Again, no major renovation is needed here.  A little will go a long way in freshening up the look of your guest bath.  These tips also apply to a small powder room that will get a lot of use during the holidays whether or not you have overnight guests!

 1.  Get a New Hand Towel

Hand towels take a lot of abuse.  Bring in an updated one like these simple fringed turkish hand towels.  They dry much quicker than the usual terry cloth ones, and honestly, they just look a lot better.

2.  Update the Soap Pump

I know it seems silly, but you might be surprised how switching out your soap pump can update the bath.  I love picking up the brown glass or plastic ones with scented soap.

3.  Always Add Life

Same rule applies for the bathrooms!  Greenery finishes off every space.  Now, while I do love mixing in faux greens into my decor, I really prefer the real stuff in bathrooms.  Guests will up and close and personal with it so go real, at least while they’re visiting.

For more photos and information on the rooms shared in this post, visit these links:

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And, for many more ideas and tips on how to get your bedrooms whipped into shape before the holidays, visit these talented ladies!

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Special thanks to Lisa for pulling all of this together!  Stay turned, we will be back next week with tips on how to get your living and family rooms ready!







  1. Julie Ryan Avatar

    Great tips! (And I love your master bedroom rug!)

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you so much, Julie!

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Your beds look so comfy Shelley! I love all your pretty touches, especially the fresh greens, they add so much to a space, it’s really amazing isn’t it? Love all your tips and had to jot down a few so I don’t forget (“turkish hand towels”, “big basket of TP”, etc…..:) ) You house looks so orderly and clean, it’s inspiring me to get my act together!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Definitely don’t forget the massive basket of TP 😀 Thank you so much, Lisa!

  3. Pam @ Simple Details Avatar

    I just LOVE the serene simplicity of your home, Shelley! Your tips are spot on and you’re a smart cookie not to start anything major! I always underestimate how long a project will take and find myself in a pickle! 🙂

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you so much, Pam! I ALWAYS underestimate project times!

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    Great ideas, Shelley! (Bigger turkeys to fry…ha! My favorite line!)

    1. Shelley Avatar

      LOL! I’ll be here all days folks!

  5. Becky (This Is Happiness) Avatar

    Great tips Shelley! Love your beautiful home!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you so much, Becky! Still swooning over your bedroom!

  6. Choice Furniture Superstore Avatar

    Amazing tips. I just love these bedrooms. Thanks for sharing this post.

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