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Did you roll your eyes at the title of the post?  Yet ANOTHER Frozen themed birthday party???  I can’t blame you because I did the same thing when Izzy told me she wanted a Frozen birthday.  But, it has been all she has talked about for almost a year so Momma decided to suck it up and roll with it!
Here’s the 6 year old birthday girl with Grandma!
I decided to go Frozen-ish without going over the top Frozen.  Izzy gave all the decor the thumbs up, so it was a win!
The dessert table was simple with only cupcakes and powdered sugar donuts, Izzy’s favorite.  My first attempt at the donut trees was with donut holes I picked up at a local donut shop.  Miserable fail.  They were all types of wonky shapes.  Grocery store bagged donuts were swooped up last minute for the save!
The paper snowflakes were just that, cut paper snowflakes.  Super easy.  The banner was made using glitter scrapbook paper and precut sticker letters from the craft store.  The garland was made using cheap streamer paper and super time saver scissors.  I’ll show you guys how I did that in a later post.  **UPDATE: Click here for the garland tutorial**

The only real Frozen decoration was the large Elsa balloon.  You guys, when Izzy saw this balloon at the store her soul lit up with excitement.  Had to get it!
I placed her under the hanging snowball garland I made out of white pom-poms.
Once all the guests had arrived they headed into the dining room to grab themselves pipe cleaner tiaras and decorate snowfall cookies.  Again, I’ll show you how to whip up these little tiaras in a follow up post.  **UPDATE: Click here for the tiara tutorial**
I covered the dining table with kraft paper and used chalk to create some Rosemaling like what was used throughout the Frozen movie in the palace and on the character’s clothing.  This was actually my favorite part of the whole party and was completely last minute!

I intended the cookies to be taken home as part of the party favors, but seriously, what kid is going to hold off eating a cookie they have been able to pile the frosting and sprinkles on to?  Momma wasn’t thinking on that one!
After the kids were high from sugar they ran outside to have a faux snowball fight using snowballs made out of batting and white tights.  They had a BLAST!  They were lobbing snowballs at each other for what felt like forever 😀
After they pooped out they came in for cupcakes and powdered donuts (more sugar, I’m sure the parents were LOVING me).  We then headed back outside for the piñata.  Izzy’s one major request was that there be a piñata.  I ended up making one out of a leftover cardboard box and extra party streamers.  Outside of the filling, it cost me nothing.  Boom!  More details in a follow up post 😉  **UPDATE: Click here for the piñata info**
The best part of Izzy’s party was that we in lieu of birthday gifts we asked people to bring new unwrapped items for donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital.  You guys, it was SUCH a great decision!!!
If this is something you have been thinking about doing here’s how we made it a success:
1.  Talk to your child about it way in advance.  As expected, she was completely confused as to why she wouldn’t be getting gifts from her friends.  We talked through how she is blessed and fortunate enough to already have a vast number of toys to play with.  She even agreed that she didn’t need anything else.  We reminded her of a time she was in the hospital and was given a stuffed animal to make her feel better, and told her that had more than likely been donated to the hospital.  This would be her opportunity to help make a child feel better if they were sick or scared.  That really seemed to speak to her.  She came to us with questions over the next few days, but we had plenty of time to get her on board with the idea.  Unless you want a full blown meltdown, don’t wait until the day of the party!
2.  Whichever organization you decide you want to take donations for, get ahold of them in advance and find out what their donation requirements are.  You will want to make sure you give your guests some guidelines to work with.  In our case, we were able to give guests a link to the hospital’s donation requirements and also donation suggestions.
3.  Let your guests know in the invitation that you are taking donations in lieu of gifts and include the organization you are donating the items to.  Bold it, do it in all caps, whatever you feel makes it stand out so that your guests are in the loop.  I also included the link to the hospital’s donation requirements and suggestions in our emailed invitation.
4.  Some of your guests will show up with a gift for your child regardless.  I quietly set those gifts out of sight to be opened after the party.
5.  Have your child be a part of taking the donation items to the organization!  Izzy absolutely loved being able to take the items into the hospital’s front office and left with a huge smile on her face knowing she did something really great 🙂


  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    the party looks amazing but i just had to comment- when i saw your husband's fb post about her donating toys i got so teary eyed and felt so proud for you. way to go, mama.

  2. Karen At Home Avatar

    What an awesome party and an amazing gift :). Your post warmed my heart.

  3. Aja Avatar

    What an awesome idea with the gifts. I absolutely love it and want to do something similar! These kids get so much & I'm always trying to squirrel away half the presents until a later date, so she actually plays with them! Thanks for the tips. And great party! Love the snob ball fight idea!

  4. Amy Avatar

    Samantha wants a piñata for her bday now. Unfortunately hers will not be a handmade one. She is beyond mature if she got on board with the donating, such a sweet girl. I hid half of Sammy's bday presents last year and we both forgot about them…until she found them climbing in my closet. Such a good idea. Way to go Izzy.

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