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My husband’s dreams have come true!!  We recently had our garage floors coated.  I’ll admit, I had no feelings toward or against it when he first brought it up, but now that it has been done, I am over the moon excited about it!  I’ll share with you the process, but first here are some before and after photos of the garage.  And, in all fairness, it’s not normally this clean.  We had to get everything out and off of the floors before the work could start.  I snapped these photos right before they came over.


There is certainly nothing wrong with the floors before.  Normal garage floors here.  Some oil drips, normal tire markings, and overspray from my spray painting projects.  There were some small cracks, but nothing major at all.


Angels are singing, my friends!!!  No more drips, stains, or cracks!  I’ll go into more detail, but for now just take in those clean floors.


Before the floor coating can be installed, they diamond grind the existing concrete to ensure it adheres correctly.

Once all of that is grinded down and cleaned up, they fill imperfections and repair cracks.  Next comes the self leveling epoxy.

Once the epoxy is down they toss on the colored flakes.  The flakes sit on the epoxy over night and any excess is blown off the following day with a leaf blower.

Finally the polyurethane clear coat is added.  This takes 24 hours to dry before you can walk on it, and three days before you can pull your cars back in.  We waited even longer due to our larger vehicles.  I will tell you, the smell from the polyurethane is STRONG.  We could smell it in the house for several days and had windows open trying to move it out.


There are a number of color options, and I’m assuming they vary with the company you use, but we went with Seashore.  Overall it feels gray with white, tan, black, and burgundy chips mixed in.

Benefits of Floor Coating

Obviously I love that it looks great.  The real benefits are that it’s impervious to oil, gasoline, other vehicle fluids, as well as a number of other things like urine (yuck) and paint drips (I dripped paint on it trying to do some wall touch ups and it wiped right off with a wet rag.  Maintenance is as easy as sweeping it clean.

Now that it’s so clean in there I’m on a mission to organize.  We hit up the Container Store this past weekend and picked up a couple of items.  I’ll share it with you when I’m done.  In the mean time, who wants their floor coated??

For those in the Houston area that are interested, we used Surface Systems of Texas.  This post is in no way sponsored by them, we just had a great experience and I was eager to share the result with all of you.

For additional information on our mudroom built-ins, check out this post!


Garage floor coating in Seashore // Metal bins // Large hooks // Small hooks // Knobs // Pull // Built-in painted Benjamin Moore Simply White

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  1. Lisa Avatar

    It looks so great Shelley! You could have parties in here, I think a disco ball is in order!!!

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      We were absolutely partying out there! Before the cars could come in the kids were out there all the time doing their scooters, “We’re gonna go play in the garage, mom!” It was so clean were rolling around on it 😀

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