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Thanks to my husband, I had a couple of free minutes to myself the other day and decided to tackle a Pinterest project I was wanting to try for Christmas.  Best part – it didn’t cost me a thing!  I also drew up another quick piece of art (based off stationary I saw here) to go with it.  Oh free, how I love you.
Here’s our entry table with its new, FREE Christmas art.
Here is the glitter reindeer pin I had saved and the link if you want to give it a go yourself.  Which I’m sure you will because it’s pretty darn cute.

Speaking of my love of free, the log candle holder was also a freebe.  It’s just a piece of wood from when we had to trim down some trees.  I drilled holes into it to fit some tea lights and bam!  Free, rustic candle holder!
Oh how I love that glittery goodness!
Have you tackled any of your Pinterest pins lately?  I’d love to know which ones!
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  1. Julia {Pawleys Island Posh} Avatar

    1. Love the art!
    2. Do we have the same entry table? Have we not discussed this before?

  2. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    oh my. i love reindeer. i love glitter. i love your art.

  3. Kristin Cadwallader Avatar

    Looks great! Kelsie had a great inspiration with that glitter art! I had to do one too! I like that you did a profile to give it a different look. Great job! Love the holiday decor so far! xo Kristin

  4. Julie Avatar

    I DO love tackling my Pinterest pins from time to time. I blogged about it here:

  5. Mindy Avatar

    Awesome. Completely. The whole table. Awesome.

  6. Megan Avatar

    must. do. this. now. So awesome@

  7. Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} Avatar

    love it! I seriously want to come to a Christmas party at your house!

  8. Amy K Avatar

    These are great! I am not so good and tackling any projects on my to do lists. You have a lovely blog. Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,

  9. Jennifer Avatar

    I loveeeee the merry and bright sign — did you make that and print it or did you free hand it? If you printed it, would you be willing to share? 😉

    1. Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} Avatar

      Not sure if you'll see this or not Jennifer, but it was just free handed with a silver marker onto black paper.

    2. Jessica Avatar

      No wonder why I couldn't find the black background with white font online! Your handwriting is so good! Hopefully mine will turn out like yours 🙂

  10. Amy Avatar

    The reindeer is the best! I have tackled 0 pinterest projects…I did make dinner though…and I plan on bathing my kids.

  11. daisy dreaming Avatar

    It turned out so cute! I like the side profile reindeer too! Yay! -Kelsey

  12. Val @ Home Made Modern Avatar

    Love this! Pinning it!

  13. Tammy@InStitches Avatar

    Love, love, love it ! Definitely giving it a try.

  14. Sarah Gunn Avatar

    Love it, I saw that pin too and can't wait to try it! Love the Merry and Bright art too!

  15. Kelly Avatar

    Do you have a link to the reindeer that you used?

  16. simplecall Avatar

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  17. KaylaNS Avatar

    I love this! I have been looking for a template to use for the reindeer, but have not found one I like as much as the one you used. Could you add a link to it?


  18. Glamorous Mommy Avatar

    I really hope you don't mind, but I've added this project to my latest post!


  19. Lil Avatar

    Fabulous. I made the reindeer. I love him! Next up is the Merry and Bright sign. You did that freehand? Overachiever! I'm using photoshop…as son as I find the right fonts. Thanks for the inspiration!

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