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I started off buying a bunch of massive posable spiders and webs to decorate our porch with for Halloween this year.  I thought Sam was going to love it.  After all, he did take one of my big fake spiders for a walk last year and he thought it was the funniest thing ever.  
But, this year he flipped out in a not so funny way when he saw the fake ones I brought home.  If he was scared, I knew other kids would be scared.  Back to the store the spiders went.  I needed a new plan.  A happy, child friendly plan.  While I was at Target I saw the cutest, non-scary cat decoration ever and immediately thought of using it as an alternative to a wreath.  Problem was, it was way too small for our front door.  So, I made my own version twice as big.
How to do it!

  • black felt
  • craft size felt (ivory, gray, orange, hot pink)
  • foam board
  • batting
  • white embroidery floss and needle
  • scissors
  • pins
  • hot glue
  • spray adhesive
  • chalk
  • sewing machine and white thread (not required, see alternative notes)
STEP ONE:  Cut an oval from the foam board one inch smaller all around than your desired final product.  I wanted my cat to be 16×20 inches, so my foam board was 15×19 inches.  For the back side of the cat, cut one oval piece of black felt the size of your desired final product, 16×20 inches.  For the front face of the cat, cut another oval piece of black felt that is four inches larger all around, 20×24 inches.  Then, cut two 1.5×24 inch strips of black felt for the accent piece.

STEP TWO:  Using a large bowl or lid, trace circles onto the larger 20×24 front face piece with chalk.  Position the circles a little further down than half way.  Roll each piece of the 1.5×24 inch strips of black felt up lengthwise and pin into place over the white chalk lines.  Hand stitch into place with the white embroidery floss.  TIP:  This doesn’t have to be neat or precise.  The charm comes from it being a little uneven and I actually wish I would have been more uneven with the stitching here.  
STEP THREE:  For the back side of the cat, attach the foam board to the smaller 16×20 inch piece of black felt with spray adhesive.  You’ll want to do this outside since it’s smelly and gets everywhere.   
To connect the back and face piece, lay the face piece right side down and lay the back piece on top of it right side up (ignore that seam at the top, I combined two piece of felt to have enough for the oval).  Pin the sides together and hand stitch the seams closed leaving an opening for the batting.  Again, the sloppy stitching is what makes this cute.  Fill with batting and stitch shut. 

STEP FOUR:  For the eyes, cut two almond shaped pieces from the ivory craft felt and two small ovals from the black felt.  NOTE:  This next part is optional.  Use your sewing machine to stitch contrasting thread around the edges. 
For the ears, cut four triangles from the black felt.  Use your sewing machine to stitch contrasting thread around the edges leaving an opening for batting.  Fill with batting and stitch shut.  NOTE:  If not using a sewing machine, cut only two triangles and forego the stitching and batting.   

STEP FIVE:  Cut out the remaining facial features from your craft felt.  Nose – one orange triangle.  Cheeks – two hot pink circles.  Whiskers – six gray strips.  Accent fur – eighteen small ovals.
Position your pieces onto the front of the face and hot glue into place.  Then flip the cat over and hot glue the ears into place.

STEP SIX:  Use embroidery floss to stitch on the cats mouth.  TIP:  Hide the start and end of your thread under the black rolled felt pieces.  

You’re done!  To hang, I made a ribbon out of orange fabric and attached it to the back of the cat with safety pins.  
This is just part of my plans for the front porch this Halloween.  This year it’s going to be super colorful (I know, a total departure from my usual neutral loving self) and definitely child friendly.  I’ve got this awesome idea in my head and I can’t wait to see it all together!
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Happy crafting!


  1. Cassie Bustamante Avatar

    that is so fun- emmy would love it especially!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Izzy seems to think it's hers 😀

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