Hand Painted Pillow

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When I made some pillows for my mom for Christmas, that I posted about here, I was a little reluctant to give one of them up.  It looked so at home on my chair.  So, on the To-Do list it went.  I guess the good thing about getting snowed in is that it makes you get your rear in gear to tackle The List.  So in the spirit of having a lot of time on my hands, here’s a little tutorial on how I did it 🙂
Hand Painted Pillow
Here’s what you’ll need:
  •  fabric (I used painters drop cloth purchased from a home improvement store)
  • fiber fill or pillow form
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • sewing machine and thread
  • needle and thread (to sew the pillow closed)
  • paint (I used leftover interior paint)
  • craft paint brush
  • pencil
  • computer and printer (print out of word in the font you’re using)
STEP ONE: Cut the fabric for the front and back of your pillow.  Determine the size you want your pillow to be.  I wanted my pillow to be 10×20, so I cut my fabric at 11×21 (giving me 1/2″ seam allowance on all sides). 
STEP TWO: Open a Word document (or any other program) where you can type in the word you want to use and play around with font styles.  Once you find something you’re happy with print it out for reference.  If you’re not comfortable free-handing the word onto the fabric you can print it out larger, cut the letters out, and trace it on to the fabric.  
STEP THREE: Freehand or trace your word onto the fabric using a pencil.  Keep in mind the seam allowance.  I wanted my word to fill the entire width of the pillow so I started and ended close to the seam allowance.  If you misplace a line, try to erase as much as possible as it does slightly show through the paint.
STEP FOUR: Paint in your word.  I found that using a brush that has a flat tip works best.

STEP FIVE: Let that bad boy completely dry.  If you’re impatient like me, this will be hard 😉

STEP SIX: Sew the front and back of your pillow together, right sides facing each other.  Be sure to leave an opening so you can turn it right side out and stuff in filler or a pillow form.

STEP SEVEN: Trim excess fabric and cut diagonals at the corners.  Since the fabric I used frays like there is no tomorrow I zig-zagged the edges so it wouldn’t fall apart on me 🙂

STEP EIGHT: Turn pillow inside out and push corners out.
STEP NINE: Stuff pillow with filler or pillow insert and hand stitch closed.
STEP TEN: Admire your new pillow!

You could also do something different for the back side of the pillow so you can have a Two-in-One pillow!  Bada-bing bada-boom!
Maybe something like this so you’re hooked up for Christmas as well…
or maybe something like this if you just like to switch things up a bit 😀
A picture from my old camera, eeewww.  What a difference a decent camera makes!

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  1. Stephanie C. Avatar

    That is really adorable! I'm a new follower! 🙂

    Stephanie from http://redberrycrafts.blogspot.com/

  2. Pudel-design Avatar

    Love this pillow;)

    I`m a new follower!

    Please visit my blog;


    Lovely greetings…:)

  3. Bargain Princess Avatar

    I've passed the versatile blogger award on to you… Please make sure to pass it along to 15 NEW bloggers that you like =D



  4. FancieStrands Avatar

    Great tutorial, I love the way the pillows turned out. I am a new follower via Just Something I whipped Up Blog Party.

  5. Jeanene Avatar

    This pillow is adorable! I'm going have to try it sometime. I'm now a follower!

    Please stop by sometime: thequeenbeeshive.com

  6. feltsocute Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous! And I love the idea of making it reversible to get double duty out of one pillow!

  7. Shannon Avatar

    I LOVE your pillow!! I have been wanting to try my hand at painting on pillows too…now you're inspiring me! Lovely work!


  8. Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack Avatar

    This is super cute! I love to work with drop cloth material. It looks like it accepts the paint well! Thanks for the tute! Looks great! Oh, and I love the little "j" pillow too. This would make a great personalized gift!
    🙂 Michelle

  9. Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea Avatar

    This is great-I heart it.

  10. Jamie Avatar

    I LOVE this pillow. found you at the DIY show off. Check out my site if you would like http://diyhshp.blogspot.com

  11. Beth@The Stories of A to Z Avatar

    So adorable and a fabulous tutorial! Thanks for linking up :).

  12. Linda@Coastal Charm Avatar

    How pretty and THRIFTY too…come by and show it off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY…I’m having a GIVEAWAY…so hop and enter to WIN!


  13. Ashley Avatar

    I really like this. I'm your newest follower, will you follow me back. maybe swap a little inspiration : )

  14. LDH Avatar

    So cute!

    Stopping by for the first time ~ sweet place you have here 🙂

    Kindly, Lorraine

  15. XXDIYer Avatar

    Lovely pillow, great work!

  16. Kelsey Avatar

    Wow! I want to learn how to sew and do this! Amazing. Love it!

  17. radn Avatar

    another great pillow!

  18. The DIY Show Off Avatar

    You already know I love this Shelley – I'm including a link in the Earthy Essentials highlights! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! 🙂

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    I really love the pillow but I Adore the CHAIR! where oh where did you get it?!

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