Home Projects You Can Do While Quarantined

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There were a few different titles I had down for this post and they all sound bizarre. I’m still wondering when I’m going to wake up from this crazy dream. But, here we are. Chances are you’re doing to responsible thing and are self quarantining yourself at home. We certainly are. Once the newness rubs off of having no where to go and nothing you have to do, you might find yourself wondering what in the world to do. If so, I’ve got a few home projects you can do quarantined.

Closet Organization

Now is the perfect time to go through your closet and really get that puppy organized. Purge what you need to and reassess how to put away your keepers.

Go Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo folded shirts

A year ago when I redid our closet I pulled all my t-shirts off hangers and folded them up like Marie Kondo taught us to and put them in a drawer. Honestly, I expected that to last a week or two at most before I got tired of folding them. But, lo and behold, the method is really good and I have stuck with it for over a year now! It freed up so much hanging space. Google “Marie Kondo folding”, give it a shot, and see what you think.

Streamline Your Hangers

container store rope bins

There are a few things that once I did them I instantly felt like an adult. Swapping out all of my hangers to these space saving, non-slip ones was one of those things. No more shirts sliding off plastic or metal hangers, and holy cow did it make a huge difference in the look and function of my closet. No, you don’t need to leave quarantine to do this. You can have these hangers at your doorstep in a couple of days. Welcome to adulthood.

Restyle Parts of Your Home

Restoration Hardware Clemson Pendants

Got a spot or two around the house you aren’t feeling? Use this time at home to fall back in love with your decor. You don’t have to buy anything new for a fresh look, just move things around in a new way. A few months ago I decided to do a quick little makeover to our kitchen since I had fallen out of love with it. I pulled everything off my counters and out of the upper glass front cabinets. Once things were cleaned off and I had a blank slate I started adding in items that had once been in other parts of the house but were great for adding in more warmth and style to our kitchen. A big dough bowl from the dining room (perfect for holding the paper clutter), some different colored vessels from a storage closet, and reworking some of the existing pieces in a different way or location. Within a couple of hours it felt fresh and new to me.

The same principles apply to other areas of your home. Swap out pillows from other rooms, art, rugs, lamps, bedding, etc. You might stumble upon a new look that you completely love!

Bring Some Life Indoors

wishbone dining chairs

This is a quick one, but man will it be an instant mood lifter! Flowers make every space feel good, but you don’t need to visit the florist to do this. Go to your yard or the park and clip some flowers or greens to bring indoors. Anything pretty works (of course avoid poisonous varieties) whether it’s flowers, greens from a bush, or tree clippings. You’ll smile every time you see it.

Touch Up Paint

I get it. This doesn’t sound “fun” for most people. But if you’ve got touch up paint around the house and some spots that could use the love, now would be a pretty good time to go ahead and knock that off your list. It’s going to be a lot less temping to take care of when our calendars are all packed full of activities and other things to do again.

Tackle the Kids’ Lego

Lego Display

If you have kids at home, you probably have Lego. Each kid is different, but our kids want to keep their Lego builds intact once they put them together. And we have a lot of them. They covered almost every flat surface in their rooms and the playroom. I know they like them, but come on, we were running out of space! I ordered these acrylic risers in various sizes and they have been amazing to help organize and display the different sets. The varying heights make it so that you can stack sets on top of one another, freeing up more space. Perfect for shelves or grouping on a flat surface.


white frame gallery wall

While not technically a home project, I wanted to include it. The one thing I never have time to do is to make photo books. Organizing the photos on the computer is one big task, and then creating the book is a whole other one. My goal is to at least get my daughter’s 1st year photo book done. She’s 11. My son is 7. I’m so far behind. But, I have the time to do it now so that’s my plan.

Ok, so there are a few home projects you can do while quarantined. Maybe they’ll help get your juices flowing. I’m curious what other ideas you have. What are you planning on tackling or have already tackled while we’re all at home? And remember, there’s nothing wrong with using this time to completely slow down and relax. I’m planning on doing a large amount of that myself.


  1. cassie bustamante Avatar

    so many great ideas! it really is just insanity right now and i keep wondering when it will be over. i am thinking of it like my kitchen renovation… it was gonna be a short time then it was so much longer, but once it was over all was well and the hard time getting through it was worth it. we can do this!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I agree, Cassie! Right now it still feels like a bizarre dream. Looking forward to the day when we look back on this point in history with new eyes.

  2. Pamela Jones Avatar
    Pamela Jones

    Great ideas. It has been tempting to set and moan about this distancing thing, but I’m over that. There are many projects I have put off and now is the time to rise to the occasion. Spring clean and organization. I make lists and it so satisfying to check items off. And the great outdoors is waiting to be cleaned as well. With sunshine I’m heading to the yard as well. Also I’m going to have a glass of wine on my cleaned deck. 🍷🌿😉

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Enjoy that beautiful outdoor deck of yours!

  3. Jill Avatar

    I’m a big homebody so staying in is not a big transition for me. My husband has been working from home all week so doing housework “quietly” has been my challenge! I actually started reworking my closet before all this started so now I’m amping it up. Walmart will be delivering canvas storage cubes and velvet hangers today so I’m on the home stretch! This week has been a great purging opportunity. Once things are “back to normal” I will be able to list items on Facebook marketplace! Thanks for all the constructive ideas, kitchen refresh is next on my list!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Yes!! I too have a big pile of FB Marketplace items I’ll be listing once this has been lost past. It feels so good to get things organized right now.

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