House Plans for the Year

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There’s a list that I keep in my head of what I would like to get done around the house. My House Plans for the Year list. It’s not something that I’m sticking hard to, no crazy renovations, but wanted to share what I’m thinking about. This list is also likely to grow as any list does. And maybe if I write it down, share it, I’ll be more likely to tackle the items. We shall see!

Dining Room Chandelier

I started giving a dining room a little refresh last year. You can read more about my plans here and check out the progress here and here. This room didn’t get finished last year because I couldn’t decide on a chandelier. I’d love to get one ordered by the end of the month. Keep waiting for a sale, but I haven’t seen a single one for the light I want.

Twopages curtains, dining room decor

Oh, and another little change that I haven’t shared yet is the new (to me) vintage rug! The muted blues and tans are so beautiful. You truly can’t go wrong vintage. Adds so much soul to a space.

Speaking of vintage rugs, I have a collection of hand-picked vintage rugs that you can shop over at Revival. That’s where this dining room rug is from as well as my entry, kitchen, and outdoor rug. They are my favorite place to shop vintage because the selection and prices are incredible. And their vintage rugs have all been washed so there is no stinky, dirty rug showing up at your doorstep like you can get from other places. Just look at this gorgeous rug!

vintage dining room rug

Master Bedroom Drapes

Our beautiful white drapes have gone to our dog. He would curl up in them when I wasn’t around and create what we call his Princess Bed. In the middle of the night I would hear him make a move to them and would shoo him away. We eventually gave up. They’re NASTY. I have actually had to edit photos so the gross parts of the drapes don’t show. Time to make him his own official canopy dog bed and replace the drapes. Thinking a warmer tone this time. I’ll definitely go with the same brand of drapes that I used in our living, kitchen, and dining room. You can’t beat the quality for the price.

DIY upholstered bed

Sam’s Closet

Last year I ripped out Izzy’s builder grade closet and installed a much more efficient closet system. I want to do the same for Sam this year. He’s now 11, clothes are getting longer, and it’s safe to say his closet is not serving him in the best way possible.

house plans for the year, boy's closet makeover before

Here’s a reminder of Izzy’s closet transformation. Sam’s is a similar layout minus a window. But, he has electrical panels and boxes that we will have to work around so some extra thought will have to go into it.

Kids’ Bathrooms

Years ago I added DIY shiplap to both of the kids’ bathrooms. Just looked it up, and that was nine years ago!! It has worked, but I really want to change up these spaces since they’re feeling dated. Major elements like the floor and shower tiles will all stay the same as will the vanity structure. The vanity tops have yellowed so much over the years so I would love to add stone. Refreshing the vanities with some paint and new hardware would go a long way. Wall treatments will change as well, but I haven’t made my mind up yet on what to do just yet. The before photos are SO OLD (the countertops actually look white in these!). These aren’t rooms I ever photograph, but with some TLC that will all change.

house plans for the year, kid's bathroom makeover

So that’s what I’m thinking about for house plans for the year. A rather short list, but as I’m typing this I’ve already got a couple more things added to the list in my head. Powder bathroom could use some freshening up as well as a corner of the living room. Oh, and I was going to update the light by the front door! Ha!


  1. Pamela Jones Avatar
    Pamela Jones

    Excited as always for your changes and refresh. You know me and I’m beyond in love withe the dining room changes and that rug. Eager to see the new light.🤩

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Can’t wait for you to see the rug in person!

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