Houston… we have a problem

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A girl and her dog.
They are such a cute pair aren’t they?
But, we have an issue that has crept up.

WARNING:  If you get grossed out easily, STOP reading NOW!
She won’t stop poking him in the butthole!
It all started a while back when I asked her to give Ruff a hug.
She leaned in for the hug, quickly changed directions, poked him, and then gave him the hug.
Poor Ruffino and I have never been the same since.
He has a million spots all over that she could find interesting, but this one “spot” is the most intriguing.
I just don’t get it.
I just hope I’m always around when it happens so I can get her to the sink asap!
Dealing with issues like this were never covered in the books I read 🙁


  1. Christin Avatar

    AHH hahahaha! This is amazing and has made my day!

  2. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma Avatar

    LOL, hahahaha! This is soooo funny! My kid would sooo do the same thing!

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