How to Get Your Kitchen Organized and Holiday Ready

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I am a total procrastinator.  In a bad way.  The days go by and I think I’ve got in under control until BAM, reality hits and I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done at the last hour.  For all of you like me, this series is for you!  I have teamed up with a group of awesome ladies to help you get your home whipped into shape before the holidays hit.  Each week we will be sharing our tips on how to get one room in your home holiday ready.  First up, the kitchen!

We have just over four weeks until Thanksgiving.  Now, us procrastinators are currently rolling our eyes and are all like, “Yeah, I’ve TOTALLY got time before I start thinking about that.”  In reality, all of our calendars are packed and if we don’t start now we’ll be a mess.  Here’s a few things you can take care of organizing in your kitchen now that will pay off big time when it’s time to start pulling that turkey out to thaw.

Organize Drawers

These DIY custom drawer organizers have CHANGED MY LIFE.  They are truly that good.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place.  While you’re in the midst of whipping up family favorites, you don’t want to be searching through messy drawers trying to find measuring spoons or panicking when you can’t find the stinking baster.  And, more than likely you won’t be the only chef in the kitchen that day.  In-laws and other relatives are going to be searching drawers for what they need as well.  You can put this together in a few hours and be a cook’s tool ninja whipping things out at the speed of light.  Long after the holidays you’ll be glad you did it.

Inventory Dinnerware, Glasses, and Silverware

You’re going to need something to do while you’re waiting on the glue to dry on your drawer organizers (seriously, make them!).  While you’re waiting, take inventory of your dinnerware, glasses, and silverware.  Check that you have enough for all of your guests and to see if anything needs to be replaced.  I started looking at my plates the other day and was surprised at how many had massive chips on the edges.  If you need to replace anything get that out of the way now.  Right before taking these pictures I realized I couldn’t find my gravy boat.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time tracking it down.  Make sure you know where everything is now so you don’t have any surprises the day of.  Had I been searching for it Thanksgiving day, I would have forgotten about the rolls in the oven until the smoke alarm reminded me.  Burnt rolls equal a ruined Thanksgiving.  Track down your stuff now and save Thanksgiving.

Clean Out the Fridge

I’m always impressed and completely grossed out at what all I’ve held on to in the refrigerator.  You don’t need all of those salad dressings, they’re expired anyway.  Pull everything out, give the fridge a good wipe down, and toss out the expired and gross stuff.  Groceries and leftovers will soon be packed in and you will need all the space you can get.

For more tips on how to get your kitchen whipped into shape before the holidays, visit these talented ladies!

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Special thanks to Lisa for pulling all of this together!  Stay turned, we will be back next week with tips on how to get your bedrooms ready!













  1. Lisa Avatar

    I’m with you on being a procrastinator…..these are exactly the things I need to do ahead of time! I never give myself enough time to get them done and then Thanksgiving morning I’m scrubbing the fridge and searching high and low for serving pieces! UGH! Well not this year sister……I’m putting these to-dos on my holiday prep list! Ummmm your kitchen, it’s divine. Love it!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      That’s normally me too! This year, we’re going to be so on it!!! Also, I cannot wait to see your drawer organizers!

  2. Julie Avatar

    Great tips! Everything just goes more smoothly when things are organized, don’t they??!!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      It really does! I’m a much happier person when things are organized!

  3. Becky - This Is Happiness Avatar

    Love your kitchen Shelley! All great tips. Looking forward to seeing your remaining post!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you Becky! You too!!

  4. Pam @ Simple Details Avatar

    Oh, I remember when you did the drawer organizers – you’re such an awesome DIYer!! Although mine are organized you’ve ruined me, every time I see my mix of wicker and plastic I’ll be thinking of your pretty wood ones! I’ve added it to my list! 🙂

  5. Ellen from Ask Away Avatar

    This is a great post <3 it's so important too bc it minimizes the chaos of the holidays.
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Holidays can be so hectic as is! Just getting a couple of small things taken care of ahead of time makes a huge difference.

  6. cassie bustamante Avatar

    this post makes me really embarrassed by the state of my drawers….

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Well, I don’t have it all together. There was a reason I didn’t open the top black drawer for that photo 😀

  7. Jennifer Avatar

    Ahhh, an organized kitchen. The perfect start to the holidays!

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