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Last August I saw a post that changed my life. I realize that’s saying A LOT, but after I saw the IKEA closet makeover ChrisLovesJulia did, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how I was going to FINALLY be able to tackle our master closet for a very reasonable price. My mom called later that day and I said, “You won’t believe this closet makeover I just saw posted!” She goes, “Was it ChrisLovesJulia?!!” Ha! My dreams were about closets for a straight week.

They used IKEA PAX wardrobes and accessories to completely transform their master closet. It gives them the customization of more expensive closet systems, but at a major savings. I did Pinterest searches almost immediately and found TONS of PAX inspiration. Here’s some of what you can find in my Organization board.

Closet Inspiration

Source: Instagram
Source: Unknown
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Erin Kestenbaum

Yes, believe it or not, that last one is actually an IKEA Pax that has been hacked into an unbelievably gorgeous closet. Are you not just blown away?!

My Plan

Ok, so the plan is to go with white wardrobes and to then add a few hacks to help it look a little less plop and go. We will be adding a baseboard all around the base, and crown along the top. Replacing the hanging rod with wood dowel like they did in the dark green closet is something I absolutely love, but am not sure we’re going to get that custom with it. Glass doors will be added to my side of the closet for dresses that don’t get worn regularly, and then to my husband’s side for suits and jackets. This last image isn’t IKEA, but something along these lines.

Source: WhoWhatWear

My mom is going to be coming in town and she has offered to help me get the closet gutted and installed. She loves this stuff and is pretty much the best partner in crime. Now, to get it all ordered and delivered before she gets here!

Ok, so what do you guys think of the IKEA closets?


  1. cassie bustamante Avatar

    all of our closets have always been utter dumps. i think i will finally feel like a grown up when i have a beautiful closet like these.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      We have only had one nice closet and it was in a house that we rented for less than a year. I think it ruined me for all other closets. It was fully custom with soft closing drawers for every item you could think of, valet hooks, shoe racks, and even one of those department store mirrors that has the two sides that angle back. I could have lived in that closet and been happy 😀 My underwear is currently falling out of a collapsing basket in our closet now. Super glamorous 😀

  2. Shelley @ Calypso in the Country Avatar

    We’ve been in our house for 20 years and I still have the white wire rods and shelving….ugh. These closets look AMAZING! Now you have me inspired and am definitely going to look into these. I know I will have to get rid of a bunch of stuff again though. I did a big closet purge a few years ago but it’s time again. Thanks for the great idea. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      The closet purge always feels so gooooood!!! I am so excited about this new closet. I have a feeling it is going to change our lives! I know, big declaration, but our closet is not doing us any favors.

  3. Pamela Jones Avatar
    Pamela Jones

    Love a good IKEA Pak hack. Cant wait to tackle this project with you. Its going to look awesome!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I am so excited too, mom!!! We’re probably going to have to book a massage by the end of this 😀

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