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I’m so excited to share a new-to-me blogger for this month’s…

Today I have Emily over from the blog Recently

Her DIY faux snakeskin table is how I first found Emily and her gorgeous blog.

Seriously, how cool is that table.  And the styling!!!
And, check out her cool solution for a non-permanent painted bookshelf.

   Love the color, and again with the perfect styling.  Nailed it!

Take it away Emily!


Hello all!  Emily from Recently here to share the secrets of my handbag with you today.

I know toddler paraphernalia can’t be considered much of an exciting secret, but humor me and we’ll see what we can up with!

I’ll admit that there would normally be a pile of receipts hanging out with everything else here, but I’ve been trying to keep better track of our budget lately, so I’m attempting to stay on top of my receipt pile.  We’ll see how that goes in the long run, though.  I’m not the greatest at organizing my purse!

Here’s the breakdown of my goodies:

1. My bag is new, but not in the traditional sense.  I found it at a local vintage boutique and it’s old-school Banana Republic.  I believe that’s how you know you’re old– when something made when you were a teenager is in a vintage shop.  Oh dear.  I love it regardless of its age!

2.  My fairly new Target wallet that has lots of nooks and crannies for storing all my receipts.

3.  Diapers and wipes– I’m afraid my little guy has a ways to go before he’s potty trained.

4.  Fruit pouch, or “poups” as we call them, and a container full of cheerios– always good for a hungry boy on the go.

5.  I love this handy diaper/wipes carrier!  It’s the most convenient thing.  I can just pop it in my bag and go.

6.  Aviators (can’t live without ’em), Rosebud Salve and nail polish.  Can’t forget the hand sanitizer!  I’m sort of (OK, crazy) about germs.

7.  My trusty OLD iphone.  I still have the 3G and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my iphone 5.  Tucked under my phone are the coupons I always seem to have floating around. Why can I never find them when I need them?!

8.  Car keys.  My new bag is so much better than my old one for key finding.  I almost know where they are now!

9.  Blog planner.  I keep notes, ideas and my schedule here and try to  have it with me at all times.

10.   A random pair of earrings, my favorite Revlon balm stain, and Philosophy’s Falling in Love scent.

There you have it!  Not many juicy secrets, but hopefully entertaining nonetheless.  Thanks so much to all of you and to Shelley for having me today.  I love this series and am honored to be a part of it!


How crazy that bag was found in a vintage shop!  I’m definitely starting to feel old ๐Ÿ™  I love the weaving and color on that bag.

Fruit pouches – one of the best things ever.  I found one the other day that was kale, strawberry and apple.  To my total amazement, Izzy LOVED it.  Finally, a score for Mommy.

And, I must be the only one out there that isn’t organized enough to have a blog planner.  Must get on that.  Pretty sure my life, and blog would run much smoother with one.

Thank you so much for stopping by today Emily!


  1. Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} Avatar

    love the bag, but i definitely do not have a blog planner either…am I missing out?!

  2. Emily | Recently Avatar

    So happy to be here Shelley! Yes, the blog planner is a must for me. I feel (halfway) organized now that I have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Caitlin C. Avatar

    I LOVE that bag! They should bring it back in stores. And that Butter polish is great – the color is perfect!

  4. Holly Avatar

    Fun stuff from Emily. That diaper holder is a great idea and I could stuff that in my bag too. We have that Boon ball too.

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