Izzy’s bedroom

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Izzy’s room has been “done” (done as in I’m not actively thinking about what to do next) for a while.  She was with me the other day as I was adding images to the Home Tour page when she asked, “Sam has pictures of his room up?  Why aren’t there any of mine?!!”  Well dear, it’s because your room is trashed, and Mommy isn’t going to clean it for you just for some pictures.  It’s a matter of principle.  She decided it was time to pick up 🙂

There is no reinventing the wheel here.  We worked with the furniture we had, I DIY’d my heart out, and added what she likes: bunnies and giraffes.  I’ll link to my DIY tutorials and sources at the bottom of the post.

The headboard was a DIY I made when she first transitioned from a converted crib to a bed.  You can see it in her old room here.  I made the polka dot and floral pillows.  Those sheets!  How great are those sheets?!!  She about had a fit when she saw them for the first time 😀  They’re Martha Stewart’s Whim line at Macy’s and they have all kinds of fun animals to choose from.
The polka dot decals are a DIY.  They were the first thing Izzy wanted to do to her new room after moving in two years ago 🙂


I painted this desk I found at a thrift store years ago.  I had no place for it in this house so it sat in our closet for a while.  Izzy thought it would be perfect in her room, and boy was she right.  The large pin board is an inexpensive DIY.  Nothing makes a little girl happy like a massive pin board.  Trust me.
These book ledges were another DIY.  I don’t have a tutorial but they were simple to build with a 1×4 and then 1×2 for the lip.  They’re attached to the wall with “L” brackets.  I had two from her first room and then built a third as this room has much higher ceilings and a ton more books (I’m thrilled with her love of reading so I have a hard time saying no to a new book).  It’s hard to tell, but these ledges are pretty deep which allows for more books to be stacked behind.
The hanging stars were a craft project we did together.   The head of her bed used to sit on the wall where the book ledges now are.  She said she wanted to sleep under the stars so we made some out of scrapbook paper and hung them from the ceiling with fishing wire.  We moved her bed, but the stars stayed put.
Truth time: I did have to haul out an obnoxious amount of stuffed animals before taking photos.  Two of them are practically the same size she is.  It’s a real problem.   So, the pom pom curtains are probably my favorite thing in here.  They were another DIY using my super secret drape source and pom pom trim.  Easy peasy.  I sewed mine on, but you could fabric glue those puppies right on as well.


I just lied to you.  I said the curtains were my favorite, but actually, I think the mirror is.  It’s another DIY!!!  The dresser was purchased for Izzy’s nursery from an antique market.  I used it as a changing table in her nursery as well as Sam’s nursery.  It made it’s way back into her room when I transitioned Sam to his big boy room.  I cleaned up the dresser by giving it and the handles a coat of Annie Sloan’s Pure White and finishing with clear wax.


Phew, that’s it!  She loves her space and really that’s all I can ask for 🙂
SOURCES:  DIY polka dot decals // DIY tufted headboard // giraffe sheets // polka dot pillow fabric // floral pillow fabric // wall sconces // round nightstand – TJ Maxx (similar here and here) // bunny vase // giraffe art prints // DIY pin board // desk – thrifted, painted Annie Sloan Pure White (similar here and here) // ghost chair // DIY pom pom drapes (no tutorial, but used my super secret drape source) // baskets – Homegoods // dresser – antique market, painted Annie Sloan Pure White (similar here and here) // DIY inlay mirror // bunny lamp // silver bunny bank // bunny alarm clock





  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    WOW! izzy is one lucky girl- i adore this space! her desk is gorgeous, and i love that you used your painted mirror in here. it's so perfect! i have plans to make some ledges like that for our playroom… but that project is low on my totem pole of projects which currently stands about 8,736 feet in the air.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you Cassie!!! I keep toying with the idea of putting that mirror of hers in our master. She'd have an absolutely fit though so I don't think it will happen 😀

  2. Lisa @ Shine Your Light Avatar

    I want this to be my room!! Izzy!! You wouldn't mind if Lisa came to live in there, right, and you could move in with Sam????? No??? Okaaaay. But your room is dreamy, little girl. You've got a pretty awesome momma that is for sure!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      If you saw it right now with her clothes laying all over the floor and a 99.9% change of stepping on an AWOL Lego, you might change your mind, lol! Thank you though, Lisa 🙂

  3. Amy Avatar

    You are so amazing. I love everything about it. Lucky girl.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      YOU are amazing. I feel like it's been ages since I've seen you 🙁

  4. Freckles Chick Avatar

    Ahhhhh!! I can't tell you how much this room makes me smile! I keep scrolling back up to look at all the details…seriously so many awesomely fun details. I'm all "The polka dots! Ooh, the sheets! No wait that floral pillow! Get OUT, that diy inlay mirror! Ahhh her big girl desk area *sniffle*! Buuunnnieesss!!" (This is what my side of the convo would be like btw, should we ever chat in person. Also, I'm a hugger.)

    I love how you incorporated her input in such a stylish way. Or is it simply that Izzy knows style to begin with?!? Ponder. Are you kidding me, this is a room that any girl would love to call her own (and by girl I'm including myself in that range).

    PS. I crammed armfuls of stuffed toys into Quinn's closet before I shot photos that day. I think I pulled several muscles.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      I'm seriously regretting not taking a photo of the pile of stuffed animals I relocated to the hallway when I took these photos. They're EVERYWHERE!!!! I also stuffed about three cardboard boxes in her closet. One was an Alice in Wonderland diorama type thing and the other's were American Girl Doll pet condos she had made but never plays with :/ I really can't blame her. I was a bit of a hoarder when I was little too.

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