Jesus loves me this i know

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While I was putting on my make-up this morning I heard Izzy singing “Jesus Loves Me”.  You should have seen me bolt down the stairs to grab the camcorder, I almost broke my neck sliding down the last few steps!  Thankfully, she wasn’t alarmed by the sound of Mommy falling down the stairs and continued to sing her song while completely trashing our bedroom (I do take full responsibility for the bed not being made though).  Isn’t it amazing how much damage they can do when you turn your back for a couple of minutes?!  Anyways, I can’t get over how sweet it is to hear her little voice sing this song 🙂 
Oh, and did you notice the 50 hair clips she was wearing?  That’s how she rolls.


  1. HammBone Avatar

    1st of all MAKEUP? Really? Next you will probably tell us you take regular showers and wash your hair more than twice a week. Whatevs. She is adorable. I love how she is putting in and taking out…wittle bag wady. 2nd, she has the voice of Carly Simon, Norah Jones in two year old form, she will be a superstaaaaawwwwwww (hands in air).

  2. Karen Avatar

    She is so precious,that gave me the best feeling I've had all week. Thanks for stopping by and following.For some reason your not showing up as a follower. Blogger issues I guess. You might have to hit the follow button again if you don't mind.

  3. Brandi Avatar

    So adorable! She brings a big smile to my face!

  4. Vivienne @ the V Spot Avatar

    Everything HammBone said…?

  5. Shelley Avatar

    Ahhh hahaha!!! Nope, no regular showers or make-up here! Isn't it amazing how long make-up can last when you don't wear it but a few days a week! I was going somewhere other than the grocery store, craft store, etc where I really should try to look human 😀

  6. Kassi @ Truly Lovely Avatar

    She is a DOLL!!! Love it! Thanks for commenting on my Birthday cards!! 🙂 I completely agree.. The hubs SHOULD get you a Silhouette!!

  7. Diana Mieczan Avatar

    Oh my goddness! She is so adorable and sweet! This video made my day. Thank you:) Happy day, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  8. Judy Avatar

    I saw you featured over at "At the Picket Fence". Your kitchen remodel is amazing. I love everything you did. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at Thanks so much.

  9. Kathy Avatar

    This is the first time that I checked out your blog and lucky me, I got a giggle too! Very cute video and very perfect description of you getting the camera….I could so picture it cuz how many times have we almost broken our necks for our kids? =)) Keep up the good work (with Izzy and your blog!) I look forward to reading more!

  10. CJ Avatar

    OMG this is absolutely precious! You put the hugest smile on my face on my first visit to you!

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