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Since I shared our kitchen with you guys earlier this week, I thought it would be appropriate to also share the eat in nook off to the side of our kitchen.  If you’ve been with me a while, you’ve seen it before.  Not much has changed other than swapping out the chandelier for a lantern pendant.

Here’s the old fixture.

And now with the simpler lantern.
I feel like more is going to be changing in here before too long.  While I love traditional style, I feel like things may look a little too traditional in here.  The chairs need to be on their way out.  We’ve had them 10 years and their starting to show their age.  The black is making me insane.  After every meal it’s finger print and food smudge city.  It’s impossible to keep them looking nice.  Think black yoga pants while playing with a large, drooling, hairy dog. 
And I’m torn on whether or not to keep the floor mirror.  I love that it bounces around more light and I use it everyday to make sure I’m not a hot mess before heading out the door.  But it seems so lonely over there!
CHAIRS – What would you suggest that are kid friendly?  I’m thinking about metal chairs that would tie in with my barstools, but I’m completely open to other suggestions.
MIRROR WALL – Add art beside it?  Get rid of it?  Toss ideas my way!
SOURCES:  lantern (spray painted black) // DIY bleached wood table // chairs // DIY floor mirror // bamboo blinds // my super secret drape source // basket // rug // vase – Homegoods 


  1. Jessica Avatar

    I LOVE the mirror, just put some art next to it. Good call. I'll wait and see what chairs you pick then keep them in mind for me 😉

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      My son loves the mirror as well. Durning dinner you can find him looking at himself while he eats and making silly faces 😋

  2. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    i would love ghost chairs with your table and to modernize but not sure they are right with kids. 😉 gold chiavari would look awesome, too! and for the mirror, i love it! i love the scale and drama- it could easily be turned into a trumeau style mirror for more drama and statement on its own.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      I know, ghost chairs be awesome 🙁 Darn fingerprints! I haven't thought of gold, but I like it! For the mirror, a trumeau style was what I envisioned when I first made it, but I then ran out of steam and didn't go any further with it. This would be a good reason to finish it up!

  3. Mindy Avatar

    We have a black bench at our dining table and that thing sends me into a fit of rage after every snack or meal. It shows EVERYTHING.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Yes!!!!!!! And how do they manage to get something on every square inch?!! I'm at the point where I just don't clean them anymore. Pointless.

  4. Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home Avatar

    I am a BIG fan of the counter stools I just got recently for their kid-friendly wipeability and they added a nice modern touch to my pretty traditional kitchen. I'm pretty sure there is a chair version too. I like the mirror itself, a lot, but I'm not sure I see it there. For some reason I think some art or mirror/s, up off the floor, might suit the nook better. But it could read very differently in person!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Love your counter stools!! Adding those to my list! I know, I keep going back and forth on the mirror.

  5. Calypso In The Country Avatar

    It's funny that you brought up the chairs because I have been thinking of buying those exact chairs for my kitchen. I wasn't even thinking about how I would have to wipe them down after my kids eat! We have light wood ones now (and for the past 15+ years) and they are actually easy to take care of. They are just showing wear and tear and I want a new look in there. But I do like your idea of the metal chairs. Maybe put a cushion on them? I am sure whatever you do will be beautiful!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      We bought these pre-kid ant they were great. Once baby food started getting on them (we had the high hair seat that strapped onto regular dining chairs) it was all over. I used to wipe them down with Clorox wipes, but they left a slightly gummy film I can't get rid of. Almost like it mixed with the clear coat or something. The good news is you can easily cover up nicks with a black permanent marker. I just need something easier to live with.

  6. Bella♥Storia Avatar

    Your room looks great! But if you're looking to make a few changes, I would swap out the mirror for a statement art piece (horizontal, to fill the wall) and I might suggest chairs like these:

    I think they are a similar style to your barstools, but I thought of them before I checked your blog to see what the stools look like! 🙂 They're definitely kid-friendly and easy to clean! I especially love these chairs in a soft, fun color that coordinates with your new art work. 😉

    If you wanted to keep a mirror in the room, I would hang a large mirror on the wall instead of leaning one against the wall. Or…keep the mirror and add decorative sconces or small accent shelves on either side.

    Whew! Can't wait to see what you decide! It's always fun to freshen up a room!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you so much for your thoughts! I've ordered some new chairs that are coming in tomorrow. I have a feeling you'll like them 😉

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