Laundry Room Design Board

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Our laundry room has come a long way from when we first moved in, but I’ve never really loved it. It’s a dark room with zero natural light. A few years ago I added wallpaper in an attempt to make it interesting, but it just never felt like the rest of the house. The other day I randomly started pulling off wallpaper to force myself into tackling it. I spent some time sorting through my Laundry Room pins and have come up with a laundry room design board. I’m loving this new direction and feel like it’s going to be a much better fit with the rest of our home.

Laundry Room Before

When we built the house I had the laundry room plumbed for a sink, but had them leave out the sink and under sink cabinets. They all thought I was weird. I knew early on that I wanted a non-traditional sink, one that I wouldn’t be able to get from our home builder.

laundry room before

Laundry Room Progress

A few years after moving in we hired out having cabinets built on the back wall and the installation of my galvanized tub sink. After that was complete I built in our washer and dryer.

Laundry Room Currently

The last change I made was adding wallpaper. I thought it was going to make it “fun”, but I never loved it. Over the years it really bothered me how disjointed it felt from the rest of the house. There’s a lot that isn’t working. For instance, that hanging rod is so low I can’t hang a shirt to dry without it bunching up on the table top. Time to fix these things!


While looking through my Laundry Room Pinterest board I noticed how a significant number of pins all have vertical shiplap or beadboard, as well as shaker peg rails. I’ve used beadboard in our mudroom and liked the idea of repeating it in the laundry room. The addition of shaker pegs will give me additional hanging space which is always welcome in a laundry room.

Hooked on Houses

Light & Dwell

Francois et Moi

Laundry Room Design Board

laundry room design board
  1. This laundry room from The Wild Decoelis is a great example of how my taller cabinet builtins are. I like the idea of a darker paint color on the cabinets, trim, and lower part of the wall.
  2. PPG Paints Gypsum. This is our home’s baseboard color. I’m going to flip things in here and paint the upper portion of the walls and ceiling this white color.
  3. PPG Palomino Gray. This is our home’s wall and ceiling color. It will not have as much of a contrast as the photo in the design board. This color will become the cabinets, trim, and beadboard.
  4. We have a florescent tube light in here that we’re always having to replace the lights in. It’s definitely not an attractive light, and I’m tired of replacing bulbs. I want to replace it with this simple semi flush mount.
  5. I’m going to keep my existing cabinet knobs. These are a great buy and I’ve used them throughout our home’s bathrooms.
  6. Still loving my wall faucet. This stays the same.
  7. The galvanized tub that everyone thought I was insane for using. Once the plumber got it installed he couldn’t stop gushing about it. It stays.
  8. I will be removing the too low shelf above the washer and dryer and installing a DIY shelf higher up in a dark stain to match our wood flooring.
  9. This beadboard will be installed along the bottom portion of the walls.
  10. I’ll add a DIY peg rail using these screw in pegs along the top of the beadboard. Not only do I love the look of shaker style pegs, but it will be functional for additional hanging and drying.
  11. The old hanging bar above the washer and dryer will be replaced with this simple clothes rod and these fittings that will be hung much higher.
  12. Washer and dryer table top will be stained to match the main level’s floors and the new shelf.
  13. Subway tile behind the sink stays the same.
  14. Also keeping the chair rail tile that runs above the subway tile.
  15. This is our existing 12×24 floor tile. It too stays the same.

So, there we have it! What are your thoughts about this laundry room design board? I’m really excited to see the beadboard and peg rails come together. Now I’m off to pull down the rest of that wallpaper.


  1. Cassie Bustamante Avatar

    oooooh, shelley! i love this plan!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I think it’s going to flow with the house so much better. I’m so excited about all of those peg hooks!

  2. Pamela Avatar

    So excited and happy the wallpaper came off easily. Wish I was there to help.😁

    1. Shelley Avatar

      The top layer came off easily. I’ll definitely have to break the steamer out for the back layer.

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