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I feel like this laundry room has taken forever to get completed, but I can now finally say it’s done!


Before the full reveal I wanted to remind you of what we started with.  You can see the progress here.  We had existing cabinets and a rod on the wall above the washer and dryer (not shown in the photo below) and a rough-in for a sink on the opposite wall.  You can see my plans for the sink still hanging on the wall from when the house was built almost a year and a half ago.  Why did I never take that down???  Other than that it was a completely blank slate.
There is zero natural light in this room.  It’s right off our kitchen and the entrance from the garage.  The white walls weren’t doing anything to help brighten the space up.  It just looked dead.  So instead of fighting the dark I embraced it.


The washer and dryer were taken off the DIY stand we built several years back and I gave them a built in look with a folding table up top.  No more items falling off the washer and dryer into the abyss!  I’ll share with you guys how I put this together in a separate post and let you in on the little secret it’s hiding that makes it so awesome 😉
For me, the showstopper in this makeover has got to be the wallpaper.  Is it not amazing?!  The photos totally don’t do it justice.  There’s a wood grain looking texture in the gray background and what looks like a white pattern on top is actually silver.
The plumber thought I was absolutely crazy when I told him what I wanted to do for a sink.  This was a regular galvanized wash basin and we had him add a drain basket and trap so it would function as a regular sink.  I love it so!  The white subway tile is a repeat from our kitchen backsplash.  While super pretty (I would have loved to have had it all around the room) it’s main purpose is to keep the wall from getting wet if any water splashes out of the sink.


The built-ins on either side of the sink are a complete game changer in this room.  One holds our trashcan and other random items, and all of my cleaning items and vacuum are in the other.  We did have these built for us, but saved money by painting them out myself.
I forgot just how drastic the change was until I was putting this post together and went through the before pics.  Quite the change!
Be sure to check back here tomorrow because I want to talk some more about the wallpaper and oh, I don’t know, give some away!!!





  1. Lindsey P Avatar

    Your laundry room is simply beautiful! I love every detail, and I love that there are not a ton of details. The wash basin is the best, and something I would love to do in our laundry room as well. That wallpaper is fantastic. Great job!

  2. designchic Avatar

    It looks amazing. Can't get over the difference and the wallpaper is stunning. One of my favorite parts is the galvanized wash basin and tile!

  3. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    i mean i want to put the emoji with heart eyes here… because my eyes are jumping out of my face in love with that space!

  4. Aja Avatar

    Pretttyyyy! I may even want to do laundry in here? Wait, what?? Seriously- amazing job. That wallpaper is killer!

  5. {Hi Sugarplum!} Avatar

    GIRLLLLLLL! It looks so so good! I'm crazy for that paper, and that wash tub…I DIE!!!!

  6. Mindy Avatar

    That wallpaper is so amazing. And the sink. I die. Can I move in there? Please?

  7. pam {simple details} Avatar

    Oh my gosh, Shelley!!! This is SO fabulous, what an awesome vision you had to choose that wallpaper and sink!! You are CRAZY good! 🙂

  8. Brandi Avatar

    Looks amazing!

  9. Stephanie Watkins Avatar

    Looks fabulous Shelly!. I just happen to come across your blog through facebook. I would love if you could share your makeover with the readers of Friday Favorites! Link party opens tomorrow at 8pm on and runs all weekend.

  10. Freckles Chick Avatar

    Are you kidding me?!? You are amazing. That wallpaper, that sink, the built-ins! My Pinning finger's getting a workout. I'm going to need to visit you to see that wallpaper in person because it's a show-stopper!

  11. Nicole Sheckler Avatar

    Is the galvanized tub free standing or did you secure it to the floor. I am putting one in my laundry and the plumber asked me what I wanted to do. Thanks. Your laundry looks amazing

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Hi Nicole! It's freestanding, only secured by the drain pipe coming from the wall. The tub was on wheels (I liked the added height and the look) and I didn't want to damage the tile by securing it to the floor. I haven't had any issues with it pulling away from the wall or shifting around. Hope this helps and thank you!!!

  12. ASouthernGirl Avatar

    Where did you get your tub?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Wisemen Trading. There's a direct link to it in the source list toward the end of my post.

  13. Megan Farah Avatar
    Megan Farah

    I love how this turned out! I’m looking for a sink like the one you used! Is the link you attached the actual sink you ordered or just a similar one? The link has mixed reviews about the tub being water tight. Hope yours is holding up well 🙂

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Hi Megan! Thank you so much! I just went in and updated the shopping link, it’s the exact one I ordered from Wisemen Trading and Supply. I haven’t had any issues with the tub not being water tight. It’s working perfectly for us!

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