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I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!  Ours was nice and easy at home this year.  Just us and the kids.  I still made the table a little fancy even though it was low key.  My husband surprised Izzy and I with flowers the day before so they were the perfect centerpiece.  This is from my Instagram.  

It has my new favorite table cloth and pattern in it.  You may have also seen that pattern in the post following.  

By the way, if you’re not following me on Instagram yet I’d love to have you!  There is a lot that I share there that doesn’t make it to the blog, and you’ll usually always see what I’m currently working on there first.  
So, the rug.  That’s what I’ve brought you here today for.  I’ve been wanting to add a little 2×3 rug under our door mat and finally found the perfect black and white gingham rug.  Which, I don’t know if I’m using the correct term.  Is it gingham or buffalo plaid??
Either way I don’t care, I’m in love!  Door mats don’t usually get much attention, but now it is hard to not notice.  There are so many great combinations you could create.  You really can’t go wrong!  Most door mats are 1’6″x2’6″ (18″x30″) so a 2’x3′ rug works perfectly underneath.  I’ve pulled together some different looks for you, and even a couple of Christmasy ones.  My set up is the top left.  The gray squares on the white stripes aren’t quite as dark as they appear in the product image, but it still works great since most of it is covered by the coir door mat.  

Which one is your favorite?  I think I want to pick up the Christmas car.  Especially since it’s only $12.99!


  1. Cassie Bustamante Avatar

    i am looking at this like, why did i never think of that?!?! LOVE how it looks!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      I thought the same thing the first time I saw it done!

  2. Lisa @ Shine Your Light Avatar

    Me too Cassie! I love the layered look and am in desperate need of new mats at our doors! Your Thanksgiving table looks so pretty too!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you, Lisa! I didn't realize how rough my old door mat looked until I popped a new on down!

  3. pam {simple details} Avatar

    Oh my gosh, I love your rugs ~ I'm going to be obsessed with finding the right combo!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you!!! I know, I spent WAY too much time playing with combos before deciding 😀

  4. Joanne Avatar

    What a great idea! I have different door mats for spring, summer, fall, winter and a Christmas theme one. Now to find a buffalo check one locally for underneath.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      What a fun idea to have different ones for each season!!

  5. habeeb rahman Avatar

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