Master Bathroom Refresh

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The master bathroom hasn’t been shared on the blog in a while so I thought I’d share what it looks like today.  I’m not sure you’d really call it a refresh because not that much has changed since it was last shared.  Just swapping cooler toned items out for warmer/earthier ones and simplifying in other areas.  But, I do prefer the small changes to what it was before.  Speaking of before, let’s start with that.

Bathroom Before

Here’s what our builder grade master looked like when we moved in.

Bathroom Later

Later on I added hardware to the vanities, framed out the mirrors, and added window treatments.  The last you saw, it looked like this.

Bathroom Now

I removed the small rugs by each of the vanities.  Originally I wanted to find a rug to place in front of the tub, but decided against it because they were either too small or too large.  And I really love this floor so no need to cover it up!  Some day I plan to change up the tub skirt as they messed it up when building by adding wonky cabinet doors instead of the trim we had asked for.  It’s currently low on the to-do list.

Still loving the decision I made a while back to remove the towel bar over the tub and replace it with art.  And, the drapes behind the tub are still working out well and haven’t had any issues with getting wet.

One of the changes I made was by getting rid of the clear glass and silver pieces that held my makeup brushes, etc.  Instead I added a vintage clay pot and a small brass mirror to warm things up.  Glass and silver soap pumps were swapped out for amber glass.  I find those at places like Homegoods or TJMaxx and just refill them.  Just by changing out some small accessories like that you can make a bathroom space feel more casual cool instead of shiny traditional.

When it comes to hand towels I have definitely been converted to Turkish not only for their pretty fringy looks, but because I love how quickly they dry.  No more drying your hands off with a damp mildew smelling towel.  I went with these mostly gray ones because it breaks my heart when the pretty ivory ones get all dingy over time.  These will last a lot longer due to the color.  And, they came in a pack of 4 for under $22!

I used this tip before I used them for the first time to ensure they would be nice an absorbent.  Worked like a charm!

Our shower is such a booger to photograph because of where it’s located.  We love that it’s doorless.  Trying to keep a glass door looking beautiful all the time drives me crazy so this was such a great option.  The depth of the shower keeps water from splashing out and we stay nice a warm even without a door.

So that’s it!  Little changes here and there.


Vanity light fixtures // sink faucets // tub faucet // DIY framed mirrors // bamboo blinds // drapes // wood stool // art over tub – photo taken on vacation, in IKEA frame // hand towels // makeup mirror // clock // white tray // makeup brush vase – vintage // soap pumps – Homegoods // glass canister with metal lid – West Elm Outlet // shower towel hook // cabinet hardware

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  1. cassie bustamante Avatar

    love your bathroom and wish i had a nice big tub like that!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you, Cassie! I love a soaker. The kids always want to be in it seeing how far they can fill it up 😀

  2. Diane Wicks Avatar

    I looks just lovely! Sometimes, small changes make all the difference. The little stool really warms up the whole space! Nice job.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you so much! That stool has been the perfect addition in there. I sit at it for my makeup, my husband puts his shoes on there, and it holds everything I need when taking a bath. Love it!

  3. The Furnshop Avatar

    This is really an amazing transformation of the master bathroom. This is looking luxurious now. These pictures are beautiful.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you! A few changes can really go a long way in a bathroom 🙂

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