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I made a couple of changes to our master bedroom that I’m so excited about!

Here’s what the room had last looked like:
The first to change were the drapes.  I replaced the dark gray drapes with bright white.  And since I like to be completely honest with you guys, I’ll tell you that when I first hung them up the drastic change in color caused me to freaked out a bit.  Like, a lot a bit.  While I love a bright white room (that was what I was going for after all), it was just WAY too white in there.  I should have taken a photo so you could have seen what I was talking about.  The white drapes on the existing silver curtain rod blended in with the walls, the walls to the slipcovered nightstand, nightstand to the bedding, and the bedding to the light colored carpet.  I thought I had made a huge mistake by going white.  I slept on it (which is always a good idea) and came up with a couple of solutions that made all the difference in the world!
CURTAIN ROD – The silver rod I had used with the gray curtains wasn’t helping things out at all.  I switched it out to a much wider black rod and the contrast really helped break things up.
CARPET – The next thing I added was the gray rug under the bed.  What a difference that made!  It grounded the bed and made everything come together.  Funny story – I totally used a car jack to get the rug under the bed all by myself because I was too excited to see what it would look like 😀
I want to tell you more about the drapes.  I went with the Easy Pinch Pleat Drapes in Lexi White from  The same company I purchased all of my bamboo blinds from.  They are AMAZING quality.  They were made with a light filtering white liner which not only gives them a nice heavy weight to them, but also keeps them from getting lost in the sunlight.  I added two panels instead of one to the outside ends of the window for added fullness, and holy smokes, love the look.  It really makes the window look wider and fills in that awkward space on either side.
Now this is going to sound funny, but they make me feel like I’m a grown up.  I felt the same way when I switched out all my hangers to matching ones, lol!  Having children?  Kinda-sorta.  Matching hangers in the closet and real drapes?  Totally.
(The rod and my ceiling are actually straight, the camera just gives things this weird curve)


Would you check out the pleats on these puppies?!
Here’s a close up of the Lexi White fabric.  It’s ridiculously soft and has a very faint texture to it.


I was also really impressed with the packaging so I wanted to share it with you.  The pleats were all perfectly folded in place and then the entire drape was folded over thick cardboard to keep it from shifting to the bottom ends of the box.  I feel like everything that comes to our front door from a parcels service ends up a hot mess, so I was beyond thrilled with how well they packaged these.  It’s the little things.
I’m ecstatic with the changes in here!!!  I feel like your eyes flow through the space much more easily now without getting caught up on the dark drapes.  Perfectly bright and airy without being stark.  Just what I was hoping for!
I know I’m not the only one that freaks out when changing things up.  I want to hear about your decor meltdowns!

Disclosure:  I was provided with the drapes used in this post but was not otherwise compensated.  All opinions are my own.



  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    it's amazing how small changes can make such a big difference! and i had the same freak out moment in my dining room when i switched to white… it happens every time i do something that is a total change! LOVE that rug under the bed- it's beautiful!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      YES!!! I was doing the stalker thing we've talked about before where I just stared at it forever 😀 Your dining room changes are amazing, by the way.

  2. Lynn at Nourish and Nestle Avatar

    Hi Shelly, the rug completely nails it. Wow…now I need to go check out my room and see how a rug could improve the feel of the room. And you're right about the black v silver rods. I really wouldn't have thought it would have made such a big difference. Thanks for sharing your successes!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      And if you decide on a rug, you now know you can totally use a car jack to get it under there 😀 Thank you, Lynn!

  3. Calypso In The Country Avatar

    I have meltdowns with almost every design decision I make! There have been times I have been 100% sure I would return something, only to love it a few days later! You did an amazing job changing your room. Both ways are pretty but I do love the look of those white drapes – especially with the addition of the rug! My bedroom is the identical set up with the three windows exactly like yours. We also have bamboo blinds but my curtain panels are a blue and off white pin stripe. I have been thinking of freshening them up for a while. You have inspired me to try something else. Love your room!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Yea!!! I'm now convinced you can't go wrong with white drapes. And I hear ya, I struggle with every design decision too. My husband is O-V-E-R listening to me be so indecisive about stuff 😀

  4. Mindy Avatar

    I want the rug!!!!

  5. Andrea Avatar

    Love the changes! The white curtains really make everything look so clean, bright, and crisp. The rug grounds the whole room. Such a refreshing update! I ordered the same bamboo blinds for my room, I hope they look just as good!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      You will LOVE the blinds!!!

  6. Holly Pruitt Avatar

    Your bedroom is so calming and beautiful. Love the rug it's the perfect pop of color to tie it all together. Would you mind sharing your source for your drapery rods? I am having the hardest time finding really long ones.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you so much, Holly! The curtain rod is from IKEA. It was shocking how cheap it was!

  7. Maggie Nestle Avatar

    I love how it looks with the white curtains and black rod. I have the same bamboo shades as you from and love them. My master bedroom has two sets of French doors side by side, which take up the entire wall so curtains won't fit. I have been debating adding white roman shades to keep the open feel of the room and not compete with the view of the water outside of my French doors. I was researching the options at blinds,com for them. Do you like the color and texture of the Lexi white fabric! That is one of the choices I have for the roman shades. I'm looking for a simple white fabric. Also, what liner option did you choose?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Oh how I would love to have french doors in my bedroom! So dreamy!!! I do love the Lexi white fabric. It's a perfect pure white, and the twill like texture is very, very subtle. I went with the standard light filtering white liner and couldn't be more pleased with it.

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