minature mounted menagerie

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This weekend I worked on putting together part of a gallery wall for over the changing table.  Still have a few more things to decide on and get in frames blah, blah, blah…  But, I couldn’t wait to show you this piece of art.
Miniature Mounted Menagerie!

Seriously, is that not freaking awesome!!!  Some of you guys probably already saw that I had my eye on this project from the pin in my nursery board.  I couldn’t wait to tackle it.  And, since I already had the frame and the spray paint, this project only cost me $3.00 for the toy animals!
 I got the idea from Harper’s Happenings, and you can click here or on her photo below to see her full post and tutorial.
And, because sometimes I have the humor of a 10 year old boy, just in case you missed it…

I couldn’t help “butt” use the elephant’s butt.  I figure it’s a boy’s nursery, and what boy isn’t going to get a kick out of that, am I right???
Oh, and some of you may be thinking we have settled on a baby name from the framed G.  We are still flip flopping between names!  I actually printed out a couple of letters, and just tossed one in the frame for the photo 😀
Also wanted to give you guys a heads up that JUNIEblake just sent me an email announcing their upcoming fall line.
Looks like it’s gonna be good!  Head over to JUNIEblake on Facebook to check out more.


  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    i have this idea pinned and now i love it even more after seeing yours! SO cute! makes me wish i as having a baby so i could decorate the nursery…. but only for that reason. 😉 LOVE that jb dress! their new fall stuff is awesome!

  2. Julia {Pawleys Island Posh} Avatar

    I pinned this too and love it! Where did you find your tiny animals for so inexpensive. everything I find is $10 an animal!

  3. Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} Avatar

    Is it weird if I say i LOVE you! Hahaha, I saw this on her blog and INSTANTLY thought "if i ever have a boy, I want to do all booty's!"

  4. Mindy Avatar

    Um, coolest thing EVER.

  5. Allison Cooper Avatar

    I love, love LOVE this! especially the 'booty' lol

  6. Andrea Avatar

    I saw that on Pinterest and loved the idea. Yours turned out great. Love the elephant's butt!

  7. Carmel @ Our Fifth House Avatar

    Oh my shut it – this is so stinking cute! And the butt is the best part 😉 You're going to be a good boy momma – they're little men and they're freaking hilarious 24/7 – at least mine is 😉

  8. Cocalores Avatar

    I just love this idea – and the butt is so fun! I wish I could do something like this too 😉

  9. A Vintage Vine Avatar

    OMG, this is so cute!! Love your 10 yr. old humor….that nursery is looking good!

  10. Hilary Avatar

    That is adorable. I just found your blog & it's awesome. You've got me 100% hooked now with the elephant butt, though. Guess I have 10 year old boy humor, too. Ha!

  11. Hilary Avatar

    That is adorable. I just found your blog & it's awesome. You've got me 100% hooked now with the elephant butt, though. Guess I have 10 year old boy humor, too. Ha!

  12. Addison Avatar

    Hi! I know this is like two years after your post, but I'm trying to make this for my nursery and both hm husband and I are having the hardest time cutting the animals! What did you use to cut them?! I'm dying bc I can't get any of them cut! Thank you!

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hi Addison! I used a chef's knife to cut through. It was definitely tough. I remember having to sit them on a cutting board and using both hands on the top of the knife to press down and rock back and forth over it until it finally cut through. If they're really hard you could try clamping them and using a Dremel to cut through. Hope this helps and congrats on the baby!

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