My Favorite Storage Basket

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There are some purchases we make that give us buyers remorse. Sounded great at the time, maybe we got caught up in a fad, or things just didn’t turn out to be that useful. Then there are those purchases that we look back on and are still completely smitten with, they have lasted through changing styles, and we can say it was totally worth it. My favorite storage basket is one of those great purchases. I know that seems kind of silly to say about a basket, but when you find something that you really love, you buy multiples, and you sing its praises.

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Storage Basket for the Living Room

When I first purchased this Serena & Lily storage basket it was for our living room. Our family loves throw blankets. We have multiple blankets because everyone has their favorite and quite honestly no one wants to share. I originally had a smaller open basket that was holding them, but it just looked messy and the hot pink Snuggie always ended up being the one hanging over the top. Yes, I it’s ridiculous, but I didn’t want to see that hot pink blanket! So I decided to purchase the large La Jolla basket (I had been eyeing it forever) and give it a go. It was basket perfection.

Serena & Lily basket in living room
Serena & Lily living room basket

How I Use It

This meets my need for function because the large size holds all five of our blankets with room for more, and the lid keeps me from seeing the blanket mess (mostly the hot pink Snuggie). Then of course it also meets my need for it to be beautiful and blend in with my home. The La Jolla basket just goes with everything and every style. Coastal, traditional, modern, contemporary, farmhouse, boho, you name it. It just works. And it’s a great piece of decor all on its own. Our secretary seemed lonely all by itself and this basket was the perfect piece to snug up next to it.

my favorite Storage basket with lid
Serena & Lily La Jolla storage basket

Storage Basket for the Bedroom

After I had the basket in our living room for about a year, I brought it into our bedroom for a photo I was going to post to Instagram. The spot between our bedroom dresser and the windows needed a little something. Well of course it ended up being perfect in there as well! It really was my most favorite storage basket ever. I moved it back and forth for a couple of months and then decided it would make sense to buy second one for our bedroom.

Serena & Lily storage basket in bedroom
my favorite Serena & Lily basket in bedroom

How I Use It

I purchased the exact same large La Jolla basket to use in our master bedroom. This size is perfect for holding our decorative bed pillows and throw blanket when we’re not using them at night. Our dog will take over anything that is left on the floor, so having these items tucked away in the basket is the only way to keep them safe. And having storage nearby sure beats walking everything through our bathroom into the closet with an armful of pillows like I used to do every night. Well, every night where the bed was actually made that is.

my favorite storage basket
Serena & Lily La Jolla basket

So, is my favorite storage basket your favorite as well? I had a friend over the other day who has the same basket and was talking about how much she loves it. It’s clearly a crowd pleaser. Definitely one of those purchases I feel great about making.

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  1. Pamela Avatar

    Have loved the look, function, and durablility of this basket. It’s also a great place for an average size child to hide during hide and seek.😁

    1. Shelley Avatar

      You are absolutely correct about them being perfect for hide and seek!! It’s Sam’s go-to!

  2. Kristy Avatar

    Love how you styled these! How did you get the sea grass smell out of the baskets? I want to put my throws in the basket as well but it has such a strong sea grass odor and I’ve had them for 4 months. Thanks!!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I have some charcoal odor bags that I have tossed in baskets that have a strong grass scent and it definitely helps eliminate odor.

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