nesting and gold

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The title of this post is a little random, kinda like me lately.
I’ve definitely been in full on nesting mode.  Cleaning out every drawer, container, room I get into.  Most recently I started digging through my sewing room trying to get things into proper piles so I can plan what I need to purchase when I hit up Ikea soon.  People, I am so freaking excited!!! 
I’ve got quite the pile of loose photos from my early childhood, grade school, and on up to photos taken of Izzy.  I was in Michaels today and staring at me before I even got inside the store was a huge bin filled with $2.00 storage/photo boxes. Done and done. Time to grow up and upgrade the lone celestrial photo box from my childhood (that didn’t even hold a quarter of the mess) to several crisp white boxes that are perfectly organized.
Oh, and the best way to organize photos is to get yourself a massive diet cherry limeade from Sonic and toss in some mac & cheese to keep your little one off your back.  Seriously.
I also started in on the nursery today.  While I was laying awake in bed all last night (coming unglued with my dog’s snoring and the idiots racing their sports bikes up and down the main road over, and over, and o-v-e-r again) I realized I had the perfect solution to a mobile over the baby’s bed.  My husband has a fish mobile that his grandmother bought him as a young boy.  It needed a little tlc so I hit it with some spray paint.  Bam – mobile is done.
Since I had the spray paint out I ended up painting a pharmacy lamp I had laying around.  You know how when you spray one thing you start looking around for another victim?  No, you guys don’t do that?  Maybe I’m a little weird then.  Well, it’s now perfect for plopping on a side table next to the rocking chair for late night feedings.
If you guys would have told me a year ago that I would have been spraying something gold, I wouldn’t have believed you.  But, I’m LOVING the look now.  Have you guys embraced gold yet?
Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to the past few days.  Hopefully I can direct more of my nesting to bigger projects in the nursery and not toward cleaning out random containers in the kitchen.  Maybe then I’ll have some real photos to show you. 
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  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    oh my gosh i LOVE that mobile! love that it is updated, and also that it was your husband's- so much cooler!

  2. Holly Avatar

    I really really need to work on my photos – I might go pick up some of those boxes this weekend just to get them in a place. And cute mobile – spray paint is such a great inexpensive way to update. When is your due date again?

  3. Carmel @ Our Fifth House Avatar

    That mobile is so chic in gold! Yes – totally loving me some gold – but I kind of always did. You making me twitchy – I feel like I need to go spray paint something now. 😉

  4. Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} Avatar

    That mobile is incredible! Way to rock the gold…it's everywhere in my house

  5. Jenna at Homeslice Avatar

    Good for you! The mobile is so unique and beautiful- and extra great since it's sentimental too. Love it.

  6. White Lacquer Avatar

    The mobile is spectac. And I constantly spray paint more than what was originally planned, usually in gold also. I can't help it. I love it that much!

    That lamp is amazing. I've been scouring cl and goodwill for one similar with no such luck.

    xx. Patience

  7. Kate Avatar

    Love the mobile…and the celestial box of yore. I upgraded my photo boxes a while ago, too, and I had such a great feeling of accomplishment. Happy weekend!

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