Neutral Christmas Home Tour

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Hard to believe that Christmas is next week. I feel like we just got back in town from Thanksgiving! Our Christmas tree was up before Thanksgiving, but since most of my decorating revolves around fresh garland, I’m a little late in sharing everything with you guys. As I have done in years past, my decor is very simple. I’m always drawn to a more minimal holiday look. But when you add in the smell of cookies baking and the sounds of our favorite Christmas movies playing in the background, it is very full of holiday cheer. I hope you enjoy my neutral Christmas home tour.

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Come on in! If you missed my Christmas porch decor make sure you check out this post.

Neutral Christmas Home Tour

The first thing you see when you walk in is the nativity set on our entry console. This set was my mother-in-law’s. It was originally brightly painted and didn’t match our decor. I painted it in a matte white chalk paint and couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. You can see the nativity tutorial here.

Neutral Christmas entry decor
DIY painted nativity set

The stairway got covered in real cedar garland which instantly transformed the entire space. Since there is so much railing I kept it simple by not adding any ribbon or additional items to the garland. It’s so pretty all on its own.

Real garland stairway, simple garland on stairway
Real Christmas garland, simple garland ideas
Simple stairway garland

Living Room

In our living room I kept the same neutral pillows out that I used in the Fall so the focus would be on the tree and fireplace. Still completely in love with our slim Christmas tree. It tucks perfectly into corners and I don’t have to move furniture around.

Neutral Christmas decorations, Neutral Christmas Home Tour

I struggled a bit this year on how to decorate our fireplace now that we have the new mirror. Our mantal isn’t very deep and with the mirror there is even less space. The garland alone seemed too plain, but when I layered some dried orange slice garland to the top it was just what it needed. This was my first time doing the dried oranges and I loved it. You’ll see them pop up in another area of the house.

Large mirror above fireplace, candles in fireplace
dried orange slice garland

Stocking tip: To keep stockings from looking flat, I stuff the bottom half with plastic grocery sacks. Tissue paper would also work well.

neutral Christmas mantal ideas

The coffee table got a basket full of “snowballs”. One of my favorite feeds on Instagram shared this idea and I thought it was so fun. The snowballs are actually wool dryer balls.

simple Christmas mantle ideas
modern Christmas decor, neutral Christmas Home Tour

Some of you may remember that last year I had a naked Christmas tree. I loved it and was so glad I tried it, but this year I brought back some of my favorite ornaments and enjoyed a more decorated tree.

Slim Christmas tree, Neutral Christmas Home Tour
large brass bells
neutral Christmas home tour, gray arm chairs


I am not much of a decorator when it comes to the kitchen. It’s a struggle just to keep the thing clean so adding too much decor doesn’t work very well for us. However, I did add this faux cedar and pinecone wreath to the hood and used some more of the dried orange slices on it. It’s perfect for the kitchen. And I added some leftover garland to the corner of the art in the breakfast nook. The kids just did their annual gingerbread house when I took these photos so that was displayed on a cake stand. Since then they’ve already broken into it and started eating away.

wreath on range hood
Christmas wreath orange slice
simple Christmas decor kitchen
Loloi rug Layla runner


The dining room is very simply decorated. I added more of the same faux cedar garland I used over our mantle, which looks so realistic, to top of the mirror. Those small antlers which are hanging year round look even more appropriate right now. My usual large green leaf clippings were swapped out for these faux Magnolia stems. And, some of my thrifted brass candlesticks were added to the top of the piano.

You can check out my Christmas table setting in this post. I’ll probably get it set back up later this week so it done and out of the way. The only change I’ll make will be adding some place cards that recently came in the mail.

garland around mirror
Magnolia stems in vase
simple Christmas dining room decor
Christmas stairway ideas


Just a couple of small touches to our master was all it really needed to feel a little more seasonal. I brought out my grandmother’s brass deer and swapped my summer art for these winter trees. More magnolia stems were added because they just look great everywhere, and by my bedside table I added some leftover garland stems to a vase.

evergreen clippings, bamboo blinds with white drapes


The kids’ playroom got a little touch of holiday decor with this wall hanging from Vol25. I would really love to add a second Christmas tree to this space where I can hang all of the fun Christmas ornaments. Ones from my childhood and the colorful handmade ones the kids bring home from school.

Simple Christmas Art

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my neutral Christmas home tour. I hope you enjoyed it! This will more than likely be my last post this year so I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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  1. Alma Avatar

    Loved the tour girl! Especially loved the simple touches and the Orange garland! I really wanna add some to our home!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      The orange garland was so fun to make! I can see our family turning that into a tradition.

  2. Pamela Avatar

    I’m loving the wreath on the vent hood in the kitchen. This warns up the kitchen so much. I’d have it year round. It balances the black island to the white cabinets. Gives the upper portion of the kitchen some interest, less flat. 💞

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you! I love the wreath over to hood too 🙂

  3. cassie bustamante Avatar

    LOVE your home so much! it’s just so beautiful and your natural touches are perfect- love the kitchen orange wreath and your mantle the most!!! and love the marshmallow world print!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      The way those oranges made the house smell while they were baking was the best part!

  4. Jill Avatar

    Lovely and simple, room to breathe which is a nice contrast to so many overdone Christmas home tours. May I ask where you acquired your bedskirt? I’ve been searching for one with a 21” drop which seems to be nonexistent.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Oh thank you so much!! The bedskirt is so old, but I’m pretty sure I got it from Target.

  5. Joanna Avatar

    I love your mirror over the mantel. I always read that a mirror should be placed to reflect something pretty, like a beautiful chandelier or the scene outside a window. I wondered why you choice a mirror, versus a painting. No criticism is intended, just a question,

    I love the simplicity of your design.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Depending on where you are standing the mirror reflects the widows on our back patio or our kitchen. When I photograph our home I do so at a lower position instead of eye height. This way I’m not a distraction being reflected in the mirror with my camera. It does make it appear as though the mirror doesn’t reflect anything pretty, but that’s just due to the lower position of the camera. I decided on a mirror instead of art because I wanted more light reflected into the room and because there is already a lot of art right next to it with the gallery wall. Thanks for your question!

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