New Dining Room Chandelier

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Back in June of last year I shared this post mentioning that I was planning to give our dining room a small makeover. Freshen things up a bit in there. The last piece I was waiting on was the chandelier. Mostly because I couldn’t make up my mind and then a little bit of waiting for it to come in. But, it’s here, it’s installed, and the room is finally finished! Check out the new dining room chandelier!


The previous dining space wasn’t awful, but it did feel dated to me, and I just felt like it could be easily refreshed without making drastic changes.


Talk about the power of a few key changes!! Just when I think not much has changed I see the before and after and the feeling the room has is just so much more refined now!

linear dining room chandelier, antiqued mirror, black piano, vintage rug, boucle dining chairs


Obviously the new chandelier makes a HUGE difference in this room. This space called for something linear and simple since the living room chandelier (just off this room) is so large. I found several but ran into issues with them not being long enough with the 15′ ceilings in here. That height of ceiling wouldn’t normally be difficult, but when you’re going over a dining table you need a little more length. That led me to this two light linear chandelier. Not only was it gorgeous, but I could customize the length.

linear chandelier in dining room with rectangular wood table, black side chairs, black piano, large antique olive jar, gray drapes, bamboo shades, and vintage rug
piaf chandelier in dining room with farmhouse table, black side chairs, upholstered head chairs, antique rug, and gallery wall with botanical art

It’s hard to tell in the product photos, but the center ball piece is actually wood. Such a pretty detail that was a happy surprise when I opened the box.

thomas o'brian piaf light
two light pendant in dining room with farmhouse dining table, black side chairs, and barrel back head chairs, antiqued mirror, gray curtains and bamboo shades, with large antique black pot


So you don’t have to scroll all the way back up, and because it’s satisfying, let’s compare this side-by-side. Here’s what stayed the same: table, side chairs, piano, sconces, blinds, art, and sideboard. What changed: Rug, drapes, mirror, head chairs, and chandelier. Proof that you don’t have to replace everything to get a new look. Keeping some of these big pieces in place saved me a lot of money. What’s your favorite change?

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  1. Kim Avatar

    Personally I like the previous light fixture , I feel the one you currently have now is more for a island look ! Just my opinion !!!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I think that’s why I like it, because it’s a little unexpected.

  2. Pamela Jones Avatar
    Pamela Jones

    Well the lighting makes the room really finishes off these recent changes. The rectangular mirror fills that wall better than round and is more interesting with the antique glass. And the head chairs open up the table more. Loving the new rug too. Can’t wait to see it in person. ūüėć

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I can’t wait for you to see it in person too!

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