new herringbone jute rug

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My new rug has FINALLY arrived!!!

After dealing with these freaking, stinking tile floors (Izzy has busted her butt on it I can’t even count how many times) I was literally bouncing around the driveway when I saw the delivery guy pull up.

I had that sucker pulled out of its wrapping and down on the floor faster than you can say “stubbed-my-toe-moving-a-couch-by-myself” ;)

I went with the Owen Herringbone Jute rug from Pottery Barn.  They were, and I think still are, having a sale on their rugs so I picked it up at a great price.
The nubby texture is gorgeous and feels oh so nice underfoot.  And, the neutral color should work well in our next place too.

I found Ruffino sprawled out on it just minutes of it being put down.  He won’t lay on wood or tile floors, so he has been all depressed hanging out on his dog bed all alone in our room.
He’s one happy camper being out where the action is.  Not that there’s much action coming from this lazy guy…

There is also another new addition in the living room.
I know.  I know I said I wouldn’t be buying anything while we were renting.  BUT, I hit up The Urban Market here in Houston and Holly Mathis had the most perfect booth set up, I couldn’t help but pick myself up a little somethin somethin.
This pretty blue and white Delft piece came from her booth.
Me likey.

Anywho.  Pretty excited about getting some of this tile covered up over here.  Now if I could just get Izzy to stop doing somersaults all over it. 
It’s soft, but it ain’t that soft!


  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    it looks perfect in there! definitely a good choice!

  2. Aja Avatar

    Awesome rug! Looks great in there.

  3. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Avatar

    Love the herringbone. It looks great!!

  4. Jenny @ Simcoe Street Avatar

    It is gorgeous! I have serious rug envy 🙂
    Love love love this room


  5. Carmel - Our Fifth House Avatar

    It looks great in your room! Love the subtle pattern!

  6. Mindy Avatar

    Really nice. We have a really similar one in our living room that I love, but I hate that it scoots all over the place. We put a pretty hefty rug pad under it a few months ago that helped, but it still scoots. Not that it has anything to do with kids running and jumping into the chairs or anything. 🙂

  7. Talitha Richardson Avatar

    Love the rug, I would love one in a black and white pattern for my loungeroom, but haven't found one I like yet.

  8. Lisa @ Shine Your Light Avatar

    I have had my eye on that same rug – I love love love it with your black & white palette!

  9. Diana Mieczan Avatar

    It looks beautiful and it fits in perfectly with the room. Love! Have a great day, xoxo

  10. pfisterfaucets Avatar

    Great choice! The herringbone looks gorgeous against the tile and with the rest of your look.

  11. natasha {schue love} Avatar

    Such a great rug! Totally grounds the room and adds a fun texture!

  12. Karli Avatar

    Is it itchy? I LOVE the texture and the pattern, but I like to sit on the floor and would worry about jute being scratchy or rough.

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar


      I've been sitting on it a lot lately, and I don't find it to be scratchy (actually sitting on it as I write this). Overall it's pretty soft, but there are a few rougher fibers sprinkled throughout. It doesn't bother me at all, and I'm thinking it might get even softer with regular wear and vacuuming.

  13. The Everetts Avatar


    I searched "jute rugs having kids" and found your blog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style. We have same taste. 😉 I am considering buying the same rug from Pottery Barn. Since you have kids have you been happy with it as far as comfort, spills and getting out stains? Just wanted to know your thoughts as I am anxious too in getting a new rug! Thank you!

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Definitely still loving the rug! The texture feels great under foot, kind of like a little foot massage as you walk barefoot over it. There were a few rougher fibers, but they are getting softer with regular vacuuming and use. So far we've had coffee spilled on it (stained color blended right in and you can't see any difference), ice cream and Mac & Cheese (both of which came clean with a wet towel). My only complaint is that my large 80 pound dog will dig his nails into the rug and pull up on it like he is trying to fluff it up on occasion before he lays down, and it has caused a couple of long pieces to pull up and out. I can easily tuck them back into place though and you can't tell anything is wrong. Makes me want to go nuts on the dog though 😉 Hope this helps!

  14. Dina @ Honey + Fitz Avatar

    Considering this rug to replace a cheaply jute I have. Love the jute so I'm sold on the natural fiber BUT my current rug sheds uncontrollably. We've had it 4 months and anytime anyone sits on it we are immediately covered in the fibers. I've had to essentially eliminate dark fleece pants from the family wardrobe. So…does your rug shed?

  15. Harpo Avatar

    I am considering this but wanted other views from outside PB site. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Lindsey Avatar

    I just ordered the same rug. I got it in the house and opened it up to find that is smells horrible. Does your rug smell? I've read other reviews from people with my same odor complaint. Wondering if you have the same problem. If so, did the smell go away?

    Thank you!

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hi Lindsey! Yes, the rug smelled pretty bad for a few days. I was completely bummed at first when I unrolled it, but figured I give it a few days first before throwing in the towel. I can't remember exactly how long it took for it to completely go away, but I want to say a week. Hope this helps!

  17. Rebecca Bellingham Avatar

    Love the rug and want to buy it but does it shed??

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Hi Rebecca! It does shed a bit. Much worse in the beginning than now after regular vacuuming. If I'm wearing dark pants and sit on it, I'll have little fibers stuck to me. It really doesn't bother me though. Hope this helps!

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