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So, we had our first appointment to make design selections for the new house.  Thankfully, Sam was a trooper for me and Mike was able to make it for the last hour!
We made several decisions, but today I wanted to share with you guys the kitchen selections.
Here our my inspiration images.  Seriously, what did people do before Pinterest when building a house 😉
Ok, no real shocker with the black and white.  Had it in our last house, loved it, wanted it again.
Cabinets – We’re going with the builder standard cabinets in white on the left.  The black island will be the same style as the white cabinet, this is just up here for color.
Back splash – Plain white subway tile with a white grout.  Clean and classic.  And, I’m actually blown away by this, but the plain ‘ol subway tile (the same ubber cheap tile you get from the home improvement store) is an upgrade.  An upgrade people!!!  Grrr…  So much for that being my stylish and cheap option.
Counters – Like practically everyone, I wanted the look of marble without having to worry about all the bad things that could and would happen to it.  The counter sample here is Silestone Lyra.  After getting home and checking out more photos of it, I want to see if we can do Silestone Lagoon instead.
Here’s the Silestone Lyra…
and the Silestone Lagoon…
and side by side because it’s impossible to tell from the above pictures…

The Lagoon feels much better to me when I see the photos of them side by side.  Not so busy.  I’m wondering if that would drive me nuts with the Lyra long term.
And no I didn’t forget!  The winners of the Firmoo giveaway are:
Ronnie, Liz Floyd, ~Angie, and Mary Deckert
I don’t have email addresses for any of you guys other than Mary, so please contact me by the 26th if this is you!


  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    ooooh i can't wait to see how this turns out!!!

  2. Jessie Avatar

    I love where you are going with the kitchen. Cannot wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Mindy Avatar

    Yep, I like the Lagoon better as well. The busy factor is what was steering me away from the Calcutta-style farbles. Yes, laminate faux marble. I move all my samples around all the time. Putting them next to different tiles, woods, real marble, etc. I don't know how you can commit to a decision in one afternoon. I'd be crazy with all the second guessing. I do love the cabinet style though. White shaker is perfection in my book.

  4. Tiffany Avatar

    I like both. Based on your inspiration pics, your kitchen will be gorgeous!

  5. Aja Avatar

    Love it! Isn't it maddening when every little thing turns into and upgrade, aka, more money!? I really like the black island- it's going to be gorgeous!

  6. Tylersmom51304 Avatar

    LOVE IT! We are about to break ground on our home late Summer and our kitchen design is very similar hubby keeps saying " its so much white" blah blah I will be the one to clean it so who cares!! Our " Marble is a laminate that is marble maybe one day we will upgrade 🙂

  7. Kate Avatar

    I actually like the Lyra…the texture is cool against the all white cabinets, I think. And so the 'upgrades' begin. 🙂 I'll never forget when my husband and I realized that a bigger water heater was only about $100 more in the stores, and we were charged something like $700 to upgrade. Grrrr. Love your choices!

  8. Sophie Tremblay Avatar

    Funny, we are in the exact same process. I had selected pretty similar pictures for my kitchen inspiration on houzz. I went to the designer today to start the selection process. I wanted the look of carrara marble and opted for the silestone Lyra. When I put Lyra and Lagoon next to each other, the Lyra is more white and bright, and the Lagoon is a little bit more yellowish, although very slightly, and dull. I am going to go with the Lyra, I think it will look more crisp against the pure white cabinets. I would not worry about the pattern, when you look at it on a small piece and you focus on it, that's all you will see. But on a large surface on the counter, it will look great. At the end, both Lyra and Lagoon could be nice.

  9. Lee Ghirale Avatar

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