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Remember how I opened a can of worms in our living room when we replaced our old couch with a much larger one?  Our old side table looked like doll furniture next to it, so we replaced it with a larger one.  Our media stand looked dwarfed as well.  Everything looked so small after that couch!!  I’m pleased to announce, we’re now good to go!

Old Media Stand

Here’s our old media stand.  It was purchased YEARS ago when we upgraded from our old tube TV to a flat screen.  It served us well and even went through a paint makeover, but it was time to say goodbye.

New Media Stand

I didn’t recreate the wheel here, I still loved the look of a black media stand grounding this side of the house.  The larger size and more simple doors of this one fills that wall so much better now!

We went with the modular Reynolds Media Stand from Pottery Barn.  I want to be honest here, I’m still a little irritated with Pottery Barn about it.  This piece is modular, so the base is actual two separate pieces.  However, the top was supposed to be one long piece connecting the two base pieces.  Ours came in with two separate tops.  Grrr…  They told me it was being discontinued and they could no longer get the one longer top.  I couldn’t come up with a different media stand that was the size, style, and price I was after so I ended up keeping this one and Pottery Barn lowered the price a small amount due to the mess up.  Story doesn’t end there.

Three weeks later I notice the media stand is still showing available (with the single long top piece).  Odd.  I called customer service and the top is now available again.  However, they will not exchange the tops that they incorrectly sent.  Ughhhh!!!!  This is the first time I’ve had an issue with Pottery Barn’s customer service.  Anywho, that’s why my piece looks like two completely separate pieces instead of one.  If you order, just make sure you call first and have them verify you’re getting the one long top.  Rant over.

We needed a media stand with glass front doors so we could access our media equipment by remote control.  One side of the unit holds all the equipment and the other side I wanted to use as storage.  With the glass fronts there’s the option to style out the interior, but I am really feeling like less is more lately and wanted to keep things simple.  It would have felt weird to have one side all electronics and the other styled anyway.  So, I picked up these black baskets to use as storage on the other side.  Everything now just fades away inside the cabinet.

I can walk away from the living room for a while now and not feel like anything else needs to be changed.  Fingers crossed, right?!


media stand // media stand baskets // sofa // arm chairs // rug // coffee table // side table // ceiling fan // table lamp – Homegoods // mudcloth pillows on gray chairs – DIY tutorial here // mudcloth pillows on couch – some handmade by me and others purchased here // DIY drapes using sheets – tutorial here // bamboo blinds // natural baskets // marble vase – Homegoods // large wooden beads // 3 round mirrors – Pier 1 (no longer avail) // DIY sunburst mirror – tutorial here

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  1. Lisa Avatar

    What a bunch of stinkers, I can’t believe they wouldn’t just send you a new top. Jeesh! Well the new media stand(s) look great with the bigger pieces of furniture, and I love particularly love your art grouping around the TV! Gorgeous, all of it!!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you so much, Lisa! I keep thinking I should switch up the art a little bit and maybe add some bigger pieces in. It’s on my One Day To-Do List 😀

  2. Julie Avatar

    It looks great! I am done with Pottery Barn customer service! I am a cardholder so you would think that would give them some reason to be courteous and accommodating. It gets you nowhere, evidently. I’m sorry for your frustration – I hear you! I hope you get the single top like you ORIGINALLY ordered and paid for! Rant over as well 😉

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thanks, Julie! I keep hearing the same thing from people. Good customer service goes so far in keeping and gaining customers!

  3. cassie bustamante Avatar

    OMG what jerks! i haven’t shopped there in years because i didn’t like when they tried selling vintage soda crates, etc… i felt it took away the thrill of the hunt. so on principal i haven’t shopped there. 😉 but now i really won’t go back! in other news, it looks perfect in your space!!!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I definitely like hunting for the cool, vintage stuff. So much more fun that way! And, thank you 🙂

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