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The start of the new year brings on a serious case of Winter Cleaning for me.  Why is Spring Cleaning such a big thing?  I feel like the urge to organize, purge, and clean is strongest after Christmas.  Over Christmas break I’ve gone through all of our closets, dresser drawers, Izzy’s bedroom desk (that took half of an entire day), kitchen pantry, kitchen junk drawers (why do we have so many pencils?), and today the playroom.  I want everything out of here!!  I’ve pulled together some of my posts on organizing in case you might be looking for more ways to cut down on clutter and organize.  Some are quick little projects you can attack in less than a day, others are how to make your home more functional with builtins.  I’ll be sharing a post with you guys later on how we added builtins to our playroom to corral everything and make the room function the best it can.  I can’t wait to share that with you!  For now, here are my favorite organization ideas.

DIY Custom Drawer Organizers

I cannot tell you guys how amazing these DIY custom drawer organizers are!  It has been a year and the drawers are as organized and beautiful as they were the day I did them.  They are LIFE CHANGING.

Pantry Organization with Baskets

This pantry makeover using baskets is an older post, but I’m still doing it this way today and love it.

DIY Modern Bookcase

Kid clutter is a tough beast to tame.  It’s difficult to get rid of things when they love/want/need everything that has ever touched their finger tips.  Yes, they have to learn to let go of somethings, but even then there will be a lot of must keep items.  I tired of seeing the top of Izzy’s dresser, desk, and nightstand covered in her knick-knacks.  I built her this simple modern bookcase to corral all of those items in a more thoughtful manner.  That large white vase with pink flowers actually contains all of her small figurines.

Add a Mudroom

Mudrooms are an organization lovers best friend.  Every home no matter the size can benefit from a designated drop zone of sorts.  We didn’t have space inside our home so we built a mudroom wall in the garage.  Backpacks, coats, shoes, sports equipment, dog leashes, outdoor toys and pool essentials all have a home in this one spot.  I would even say they would be a huge selling factor for a home.  Don’t want to add builtins?  Add some hooks to a wall with a bench below and add baskets under the bench for individual storage.

Laundry Room Makeover

Our laundry room was never very functional.  Tall mops and cleaning supplies were piled up behind the door.  Items sitting on top of the washer and dryer always fell between or beside the machines.  Even when it was “clean” it could never truly be organized.  It made me crazy every time I walked in.  With our laundry room makeover we added cabinets to store and organize awkward sized cleaning items and built a table over the machines.  Now it always stays clean and organized.

What all have you or are you wanting to get organized?  It’s such a great feeling!!




  1. Kelsey G Avatar
    Kelsey G

    How do you like that sink in your laundry room?
    I am considering one….

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      I love it! It’s great for soaking or scrubbing off muddy shoes. If I had to change anything it would probably be having a faucet that also had a sprayer attached. Other than that it’s awesome!

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