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WE HAVE A NEW FRONT DOOR!!! I cannot believe it! In case you missed it, I mentioned in this post what made us finally pull the trigger on a new front door. I always knew it would make a huge difference in our home, but once I saw it I was completely blown away. I cannot wait to show you our iron front door!

iron door with glass window

Before and After

Our previous solid wood door gave us zero natural light in our entry. I felt very much like a dark cave. Certainly not an inviting first impression. No, this was not taken at night. Any time you had seen photos of our entry I had to increase the exposer like crazy! This is a completely untouched photo. You can even see sunlight coming in through the warped area near the bottom right side.

entry with no natural light

Now, there is so much beautiful light!! We can finally see in there. Actually, I was taken back when I could truly see the entry and noticed all of the wall scuffs and touch ups I needed to take care of. But I don’t care at all because I’m just so thrilled with all of the light. While I expected it to bring light to our entry, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much brighter the entire house now was with light washing all the way into our living room.

entry with black iron door

From the Outside

Our curb appeal has substantially improved with the new door. Once some of the plants come back to life and I’ve gotten the front porch ready for Summer I’ll give you a better view of the front.

iron front door

Where is it From?

When looking for a new front door I knew I wanted one with glass. Although our previous front door was solid wood and had warped, I thought we would still go with solid wood to keep a consistent look. One random Saturday Mike and I decided to see if there were any showrooms open so we could see them in person. Surprisingly, we couldn’t find any open. Except one place, they required an appointment, and just happened to have an opening within the hour.

When we arrived my eyes immediately went to one in another part of the showroom. It was iron. Something I had never considered. It was perfect. We made a decision that day. We went with Primo Doors in Houston, TX. Technically it’s from their other company, Optima Iron Doors, but it’s all the same.

Door Details

This is a solid iron door in black, flemish glass panel, and raised lower panel (the rectangular piece at the bottom). It’s custom made to perfectly fit your home’s existing doorway. Ours is a standard profile door that is two inches thick. We will not have to worry about this door warping. The black finish is a high grade automotive paint with a satin clear top coat. When compared to commonly used powder coatings that easily chip, this is the most durable and low maintenance option.

Glass Panel

We decided on the Flemish style glass. This has a wavy appearance that gives us a little more privacy. A neat feature with this door is that the glass panel opens up separate from the door. This makes cleaning the glass a breeze, but is also nice if you want to let some fresh air in.


The question everyone wants to the know the answer to. How much did it cost? Like everything, cost depends on a number of factors; size, glass, jamb, hardware, additional sidelights, installation etc. For our 3’x8′ door (this included everything) we spent $4,400 which also includes tax and installation. I also want to note this is with zero discounts, I am not being sponsored or working this company in any way. This was far less expensive than what I was quoted by a popular, national solid wood door company.

The only thing that was not included was caulking around the trim. I have done that on the outside, but still need to take care of that along the inside where they had to remove and replace the white trim. That’s a simple fix though.

black entry door with glass

I still can’t believe it! Now that the door has been replaced I’m on the hunt for something to swap the barn light out with. Tell me your suggestions! And now that you’ve seen it, would you consider an iron front door for your home?


  1. Nancy Avatar

    Oh my goodness, we bought a kinda sorta Spanish style house. The minute I saw it I wanted black iron door with black wrought iron fence and gate around the courtyard in front. Preferably like you see in New Orleans. (I wish) We’re going to do the fence and gate only now because it get hot like a blow torch out there. I measured it, the door knob is 153 degrees in the afternoon. It’s really sad. We’re going to put a giant awning and grow some grapes and try to cool it down. But I don’t think the door is practical.
    Yours is beautiful! I’m only commenting on our situation in case someone needs to consider this. It’s something I never thought of.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Hi Nancy! I think your idea to add grapes and an awning to your entry sounds lovely!

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