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You’ve just purchased outdoor furniture for your home and are now comfortably able enjoy your outdoor space. But, don’t get too comfortable yet. Outdoor furniture is an investment. You need to protect it! It’s so easy to leave out this key part, but if you do you’ll be kicking yourself once the wear and tear of the elements starts to take its toll on your new furniture. While they are built for the outdoors, too much exposure to the elements can drastically shorten the lifespan of your furnishings. Outdoor furniture covers will protect your investment and make using your furniture so much more enjoyable!

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Outdoor Furniture

outdoor patio furniture ideas

If you missed our outdoor living makeover be sure to check that out. We are so thrilled to finally have furniture out there! With our climate in Houston, Texas I was quick to find covers to protect it all.

Why You Need Outdoor Furniture Covers

Spring rains have done wonders to green everything up, but I have been missing the sun lately! I used to make a mad dash outside to pull cushions in when it would start raining. Not because the cushions weren’t able to be in the rain, but because I hated waiting for them to dry out. Here it can rain like crazy one minute and then the next minute the sun is shining and we’re having the most beautiful day. I want to be able to enjoy it without a soggy bottom!

Coverstore outdoor furniture covers

With the covers I’m not only protecting the furniture from birds, our dog, sun, rain, and pollen (seriously, the amount of pollen that can accumulate on furniture and pillows in the Spring is insane), but also wind. Most of my decorative pillows always had to be brought inside so they wouldn’t blow into the pool when we weren’t using them. Since it’s a pain to constantly move pillows back and forth I just left them inside. Hardly the point of even having them. Now that I keep our furniture protected when we’re not using it, I can keep the pillows in place.

And nothing kills the relax outside vibe then when you go to sit down and realize you have to wipe everything down first because it’s covered in dirt and/or bird poop. Ugh, that last one ALWAYS used to happen to me!

Choosing Your Covers

waterproof outdoor furniture covers

When choosing outdoor covers, take into consideration your climate. Do you leave furniture outside in the winter where you get a lot of ice and snow? Will your furniture be exposed to a lot of direct sun? Are you in a humid climate? All of these factors will help you narrow down the type of over that is best for you. Here in Houston we have A LOT of humidity, rains and winds can be intense (I’m talking about you hurricane season), and a good portion of our furniture is exposed to direct sunlight most of the day year round.

We chose to go with Coverstore due to their quality, warranty, various size offerings, as well as custom options.

rain resistant patio furniture covers

Coverstore has four different collections of covers to choose from depending on your needs. I chose the Ultima Collection which comes with a seven year warranty and some really great features:

  • 360° Drawcord Locking System
  • Multi-securing Buckle Straps for severe weather
  • Tear Resistant Ripstop Fabric
  • Waterproof Seam Binding
  • Built-In Covered Vents
patio chair covers
Coverstore Ultima covers
Covermates patio covers

You have your choice of colors as well. I went with Tan since it ties in nicely with the color of our pavers.

Need a Custom Size?

custom patio furniture covers

Our outdoor sofa is really big so we needed a custom sized cover. Coverstore offers custom patio furniture covers for all different shapes and styles of furniture so you will have no problems getting the perfect fit. But you can also find tons of pre-made sizes available for all types of furniture.

Ultima patio chair covers

Do you cover your outdoor furniture? Now that we do I can’t imagine going back!


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