Panty Raid

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My friend Christy once posted about Underwear Necklaces. 
Her little girl would delicately place Mommy’s underwear around her neck as if they were necklaces.  I was busting up! 
The other day Izzy was going through our bedroom while I was drying my hair. 
I flipped my head up to find this.

Not sure what it is that makes them want to do this, but it’s hilarious. 
I’ll let my little buggy raid my panties anytime 🙂

BTW, thank God she didn’t pull out my vast selection of nasty Granny Panties! 
It would have been more like a Panty Burka than a Panty Necklace. 


  1. Christin Avatar

    She is so cute! What is it with those kids and undies? Glad my kids aren't the only ones!

  2. radn Avatar

    beautiful eyes!

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